Monday, October 18

Vox demands that the Government prohibit the tribute to ETA Henri Parot in Mondragón




Vox has presented this Monday a letter to the sub-delegation of the Government in Guipúzcoa to suspend the tribute in Mondragón to Henri Parot, the greatest murderer in the history of the band and sentenced to 4,799 years in prison for 39 deaths. The formation led by Santiago Abascal thus joins the Villacisneros foundation, which requested its own a week ago, understanding that the act could incur a crime of extolling terrorism and humiliating victims.

The Vox movement refers to the apparent institutional permissiveness around the event, authorized by the Mondragón City Council, governed by the PNV. The tribute, organized by the ETA (Sare) prisoner support network and the Elkartasun Eguna collective, will be held on September 18 and will be a “solidarity march” on their behalf. A total of 31 people will do relays along 31 kilometers; a symbolic number for each of the 31 years that the murderer has spent in jail. Although the date of his release is scheduled for May 9, 2030, the promoters consider that he should already be on the street and that as a “political prisoner” he is the victim of a disguised life sentence. There is not a single allusion to his 26 convictions.

Vox’s deputy legal secretary, Marta Castro, denounces in her letter that the tribute presents clear indications of committing a crime of glorifying terrorism and calls for the immediate suspension. The formation considers that the Ministry of the Interior – on whom the sub-delegation of the Government in the province depends – cannot claim that it does not know the summons, as it has been widely disseminated by the media. Thus, it demands the application of the Law for the Comprehensive Recognition and Protection of Victims of Terrorism and reiterates that the State must assume the “defense of the dignity of the victims.”

The brief, in the same line as that presented by the Villacisneros Foundation, warns that the law establishes that the public administrations should prevent this type of act and therefore urges the sub-delegate of the Government to act in accordance with his powers. “By virtue of these precepts, and to avoid committing the crimes of glorification of terrorism, hatred and humiliation of the victims, included in article 578 of the Penal Code, the legal services of Vox request the prohibition of the tribute summoned by the City Council from Mondragón on September 18 to Henri Parot, a bloodthirsty ETA member responsible for more than 80 deaths, “says the letter.

Bloodthirsty history

Parot already enjoys sporadic departures and last May he was one of the beneficiaries of the Pedro Sánchez government’s prison policy of approaches to the Basque Country. In his case, from Cádiz to León. His activity was concentrated in the so-called itinerant command between 1978 and 1990, when he was arrested in Seville at the wheel of a van with 300 kilos of explosives prepared for another attack. He was one of the authors of the massacre of the house-barracks in Zaragoza, in 1987, where he killed 11 people, including five children.

The businessman José Luis Legasa Ubiría was his first victim and years later he participated in a dozen more attacks in Madrid, such as the murder of prosecutor Carmen Tagle, in 1989. At 63, the ETA who gave name to the doctrine later fell by the Strasbourg Court he has served three-quarters of his sentence.

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