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Vox gives air to the bipartisan of Alicante by “saving” the Budget after the cuts in social areas of Ciudadanos

The spokesperson for Vox, Mario Ortolá, and the mayor, Luis Barcala (PP), during a full past.

The spokesperson for Vox, Mario Ortolá, and the mayor, Luis Barcala (PP), during a full past.

Alicante will have new Budgets for the year 2021. Vox will be, once again, the group that gives air to the bipartisan PP and Cs. The ultra formation announced this Monday that it will abstain in a vote that still has no date, since the municipal government continues to wait for Intervention to complete the inspection work. And it will do so thanks to cuts in social areas directed by Citizens, such as Cooperation and Equality, in addition to the commitment to more aid to entrepreneurs and working to modify municipal tax regulations. “We will abstain from the great reduction accepted by PP and Citizens of ideological parties such as international cooperation and the immigration reception plan, amounts destined to finance associations taken over by the left to implement their particular 2030 Agenda. There is also a reduction in the amount of subsidies to promote associationism, “argued the municipal spokesman for Vox, who highlighted the commitment made to the government team to strengthen aid to companies to face the crisis generated by the pandemic:” We have achieved the commitment of the mayor, Luis Barcala, to continue calling aid programs for the self-employed and SMEs, which may not be less than three million euros and the bases must allow maximum coverage, thus avoiding another failure such as the last call “.

Vox’s decision was well received within the Alicante bipartisan, both in the PP and in Ciudadanos, despite the fact that the oranges began unilateral negotiations weeks ago with left-wing groups such as the PSOE and Compromís so as not to have to make concessions to Vox, as it has finally happened. The two partners, yes, again reached out to the rest of the opposition with the aim that the Budgets do not come out only thanks to the abstention of the ultras. «I value very positively that an opposition political party has already expressed its willingness to allow the Budgets to be approved. I invite the rest of the political forces of the opposition to demonstrate also giving their support to the accounts of 2021 because, in addition to the fact that many of their demands have been included, they are the budgets that Alicante needs to face the social and economic damages that we it has brought the pandemic, “said the Councilor for Finance, Lidia López (PP). In a similar vein, the spokesperson for Ciudadanos, Mari Carmen Sánchez, was unprecedented in negotiating the accounts with the opposition: «There are many proposals from the different groups that we have included to improve this budget project and we continue to wait for Vox be not the only party that, in one way or another, supports these assumptions. We hope that there will be more groups that do their part and not sticks in the wheels, ”said Sánchez, who recalled the abstention of his group in the Valencia City Council, governed by a left with a plenary majority.

That outstretched hand of the bipartisan was rejected from the first moment by United Podemos and Compromís, which announced that they will vote “no” in the Plenary of Budgets, while the PSOE chose to remain silent after maintaining for days that its “red line” was the withdrawal of the controversial Ordinance on Begging and Prostitution, which for now has not been officially produced. “This is bad news for the social majority of Alicante since, once again, the purchase of the xenophobic and racist speeches of Vox is put before the needs of the neighbors defended by the social fabric of the city,” said the spokesman for the purple coalition, Xavier López, who added that his group “will not be an accomplice to the entry of xenophobia and racism into the institutions.” From Compromís they also demand from this Monday the resignation of the mayor of Equality, María Conejero, for allowing the necessary cuts for Vox to access abstention: “The agreement for budgets of Barcala and Vox shows that the real bipartisan in Alicante is that of PP-Vox. Citizens remain in that role of comparsa, “added the spokesman Natxo Bellido, who explained his” no “to the Budget:” Compromís will not be able to be in a budget approval where they do not want to change the Ordinance of Shame, with cuts to cooperation, immigration and equality, without agreed investments, without a climate emergency agenda and where our main demands have not been addressed.

No support for modifying the municipal staff

The municipal government did not get this Monday the support of any opposition group or any union for the modification of the List of Jobs (RPT). The proposal that was addressed in the Negotiating Table had the political rejection of United We Can and Compromís, along with the abstention of the PSOE (Vox did not attend the meeting). From the union side, the majority acronym (SEP) was lifted from the table for not allowing separate voting for positions and for strengthening the base “minimally”. The rest of the unions abstained, except for the “no” of CC OO.

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