Thursday, December 2

Vox is the only party that has presented amendments to tax ordinances

Among other issues, he has asked the local executive to cut in half the price paid by those over 65 for the use of sports facilities, courts and swimming pools, as the City Council already does with these ages in cultural spaces. The training led by Aurora Rodil and Juan Antonio Alberdi understands that giving them a bonus to see museums and excluding them from playing sports is discriminatory, which is why they see it as essential that said group has access to the maximum bonus.

Faced with the municipal decision to forgive the tax on hotels and street markets for occupying the public highway in the first half of 2022, Vox has claimed that this exemption is for the full year.

Another of their claims is to soften the criteria for construction companies to access the rebates of the Construction and Works Tax (ICIO). Although the government team already gives bonuses to merchants installed in the municipality, Vox has asked to make more flexible those that demonstrate a reduction in their work volume in 2020 and 2021 of more than 50% and the work consists of an expansion of the headquarters or work center with increased staff.

For Vox, the discounts promoted by the City Council are designed for large promoter companies, which are the only ones that can opt, to be able to increase between 50 and 200 workers. According to Alberdi, those who really need to receive aid are the small promoters, neighborhood communities and individuals who want to carry out rehabilitation at a private or community level.

In this line, while PSOE and Compromís have decided to improve the bonus of the (Real Estate Tax (IBI) to promote the installation of solar energy in homes, Vox has alleged so that the City Council can make an advance of the subsidy of 50 % of the tax for the three years following the installation of a solar energy electrical utilization system, to individuals and SMEs that request it, so that the installation companies receive it at the end of the installation.

Vox has also asked the local executive to extend the maximum parking time from 2 to 5 minutes before being sanctioned since the parking meter ticket has expired, taking advantage of the fact that they have modified the text of the ordinance to include payment by telematic means, like mobile phone.

Another of Vox’s allegations has been to modify the rate for urban services so that, among other things, in the event of reform or rehabilitation of part of the facade, as in the case of a balcony front arrangement or flight of the facade , the dimension of said element is computed, not of the entire facade of the building.

The other accounts that raise doubts about economic management

The municipal accounts for 2020 and those for 2021 have caused Vox to raise doubts about the economic management of the City Council. One of the issues that the party has publicly ugly to the government team, the last time in plenary session, has been that last year 583,000 euros of subsidies were left unspent or that in June of this year they had not granted aid to Cáritas and the Red Cross, among others, nor the contribution to the Local Police for bulletproof vests. Vox also wanted to clarify why the City Council like Elche, which boasts of good economic health, pays 110,000 euros for late payment interest in a year.

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