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VOX Torrevieja denounces the presence of an unsealed well in the urban area of ​​San Roque


Deficiencies reported by Vox in the San Roque neighborhood of Torrevieja

VOX Torrevieja has visited the areas of parks and gardens adjacent to the National 332 at the height of the neighborhood of San Roque and “once again regrets the negligence and neglect of the political leaders and expresses the need to interpose measures to correct them, urging the local government team to act immediately and carry out the relevant responsibility in accordance with the ownership of these access lands. public”. The most serious difficulty is the presence of an unsealed “well” and several meters deep in the endowment area where there is also a pipican and a sports court. Both facilities, located next to the well. on Goleta Santa María street, with serious deficiencies in maintenance, in the opinion of ultra training. The well is the outlet of an underground collector several meters deep without a manhole cover next to the public access area.

To the “numerous” deficiencies in the cleaning and maintenance of parks, gardens and recreational facilities, which “are already – in the opinion of ultra-training – a common trend in all the Torrevieja neighborhoods, there are added deficiencies in the matter of Critical security that endangers the physical integrity of the residents of the area, especially the smallest, with risk of death“.

According to the same source, the pipican in the area “is nothing more than a piece of land with a fence in poor condition, a completely abandoned lot where garbage and waste accumulate in an environment where the pets of our neighbors walk among weeds, dirt and holes. VOX Torrevieja also links “this lack of empathy with pets with the scant consideration of the local government when choosing by unilateral criteria a new location for the canine beach in an enclave that is the subject of controversy and dispute by our neighbors, who have been demanding a safe and comfortable location for pets for months. ”

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Added to this situation is the “precarious state of the sports facilities of the soccer field that is located a few meters away, with goals in poor condition, worn nets and a playground with swings in poor condition, as well as some sidewalks with raised ground and in poor condition due to the roots of the trees, which represents a risk of tripping and accident for the people who circulate in this area every day “. But “the most serious thing is that next to those soccer fields that are usually used by children there is a well several meters deep, which is unmarked and completely open, which poses a risk to the life of any person who may trip and fall to the bottom with fatal consequences “, in the opinion of this party, which has a councilor in the Consistory. In recent weeks Vox has made visits to different parts of the city to check the neighborhood complaints it receives about deficiencies on the street.

VOX Torrevieja he wonders if the Popular Party Government is aware “of this accumulation of irregularities that we denounce and that take place in the San Roqu neighborhood; what kind of attention are they giving to our neighbors and our neighborhoods, why in the middle of the year 2020 Torrevieja It has fully accessible open wells just 15 meters from a sidewalk and next to a playground; and perhaps the residents of San Roque have not been reporting bad odor problems for a long time that could well have detected the existence of this serious irregularity with a minimum of interest by political leaders. ” The formation believes that “common sense” will make the Popular Party “immediately implement solutions to restore the image and security in this enclave, which shows its lack of involvement and performance in determining preventive and non-reactive actions to a tragedy”.

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The Sports area of ​​the Torrevieja City Council is preparing a repair and maintenance contract for the dozen sports courts installed in the city’s neighborhoods. A procedure that began in the past mandate and that requires a longer process than usual because the service must consider not only the repair but also the conservation of the facilities for several years.

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