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Vox will denounce Marlaska and Penitentiary Institutions for not allowing recording his talk with Villarejo

Macarena Olona, ​​after visiting Villarejo in Estremera.

Macarena Olona, ​​after visiting Villarejo in Estremera.

The Vox spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Macarena Olona, ​​has announced after meeting in the Estremera prison with former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo that they will take actions against the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska and against the general secretary of Penitentiary Institutions (IIPP), Ángel Luis Ortiz, for not allowing him to have recorded the meeting.

After two hours of interview with the commissioner, who remains in preventive detention since November 2017 as the main investigator in the ‘Tandem’ case, Olona has attended to the media gathered at the prison gates to explain that one of the three deputies, Vox members in the investigation commission ‘ Kitchen ‘, has not finally been able to access the meeting and that they have also intervened their communication.

Thus, despite thank the director of the penitentiary for the treatment, has described the conditions imposed for the interview of “outrage” from the executive power to the legislature. “It is absolutely inappropriate that when some journalists from El País were allowed to record, that same possibility was forbidden to the legislative branch, especially when the purpose of the recording was to contribute it to the investigation commission,” he commented.

Olona’s visit to Villarejo is part of the work to be documented for the commission that will analyze the parapolitical operation Kitchen, that he was armed, according to the investigating judge, to steal sensitive information from the PP from the former treasurer of the party Luis Bárcenas, with the aim of not being prosecuted.

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There will be more encounters

But this first contact has not been enough since it has only served to make a composition of the place (they have not really dealt with the ‘Kitchen’ case) so from Vox they already advance that, like this one, there will be multiple meetings with the curator in Estremera.

“There will be a series of appearances in view of the numerous information available. It is not that we give it truthfulness, but the Spanish people have the right to know and it is very important to access sources that have relevant information, “he explained at the exit, to affirm immediately afterwards that, based on what the commissioner has told them, they have contacted both PP and PSOE and Podemos with him but in a” hidden “way and that the only party that has been open and “transparent” has been Vox.

This extreme has “surprised” Olona, who has also commented that the purpose of the PSOE and Podemos has been to try to convince Villarejo to “bring to light all the crap that he had from political adversaries” while the contacts by the PP were aimed at “not letting them harm himself with his statement. ”

“The sewers do not generate shit”

Although what they have talked about during the two hours of meeting has been saved, the Vox spokesperson did have two literal sentences from Villarejo. “He has transmitted to us that the sewers do not generate shit, we clean it, and that he is going to jump into the abyss but he is not going to fall alone”, you have read from your notes.

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After commenting on this, he pointed out that he was struck by the fact that, speaking with the commissioner, he informed him that his wife, Gemma Alcalá – caused in several of the pieces of ‘Tándem’ -, is being assisted by a lawyer linked to the PP. For this reason, Olona concludes that PSOE and Podemos “have to be very worried” because the information he handles affects all the parties, but Villarejo’s attitude “is very different” with some and with others.

In line, he has indicated that this may explain the “resistance” of PSOE and Podemos to the commissioner appearing in the commission, something that has finally been approved by the Table, although before leaving the place, and leaving the suspicion, has stated that in the case of the ‘Bárcenas papers’ some leader of the PP “from the south” should be concerned.

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