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Wake-up alarm: these are the best to always be on time

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If you need an extra push to get up in the morning then you need an alarm clock. These models are cheap and of all types, from the most standard “lifetime” to smart models.

The alarm clock has been an element in every room in the world to be able to wake up in the morning and get ready to go to work, school or to do your daily tasks. But since we have cell phones with alarms, they are less used.

But these alarm clocks that we have found will make you think again about stopping using your mobile to wake you up.

If you want to find a special alarm clock, don’t worry, we have chosen 5 very special and different alarm clocks that you can buy for very little.

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You will find options of all kinds, from the traditional digital ones whose function is exactly what you think, being an alarm so that you are able to wake up in the morning, to models that have WiFi and are intelligent.

These smart models are especially interesting because their screens are capable of showing more information, such as the weather, personal photos or even playing music or videos.

  1. Lenovo Smart Clock 2
  2. Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock
  3. Amazon Echo Spot
  4. Homvilla digital alarm clock
  5. alarm clock
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Best value for money: Lenovo Smart Clock 2

Lenovo Smart Clock 2

Lenovo has some of the most interesting smart alarm clocks, especially if you are a user of Google Assistant and its services.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 It has a 4-inch full color screen, a speaker and WiFi connectivity to connect to the Internet and use Google Assistant services.

It only costs 30 euros and has a microphone to interact with Google. It will answer your questions by searching the internet, you can control connected products in your home, listen to music, podcasts or news.

Small with Google assistant: Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

Another option in the world of digital and smart alarm clocks is this Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock.

It has practically the same features as the Lenovo one, such as a 4-inch full color screen, speaker and microphone to interact with the Google assistant, Bluetooth connection and even Chromecast to use it as a screen or as a speaker.

You can get it for only 24.99 euros at MediaMarkt.

With Alexa: Amazon Echo Spot

This rounded smart speaker integrates all the functions of Alexa as a virtual assistant. Its design makes it perfect as an alarm clock.

If you are a person who prefers the use of Alexa as a virtual assistant instead of Google, you have a good option with one of the most curious speakers that Amazon has launched.

It’s about this Amazon Echo Spot with a round screen and that is specifically designed to be used as an alarm clock.

It has all the features of an Amazon display speaker, it even has a camera for video calls. Its small size makes it perfect to install it on your nightstand and use the full potential of Alexa.

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You will find it on Amazon for 74 euros.

Standard digital alarm clock: Homvilla

Homvilla alarm clock

Do you want a normal digital alarm clock, but one that doesn’t give you a heart attack with the sound it will emit every morning? then this homvilla alarm clock is a good choice for you.

It has an LCD screen with blue lighting, time, date and temperature information. Uses two AAA batteries and has a daily alarm or nap alarm

Its price is 15 euros and it is one of the most purchased on Amazon, with almost 400 positive reviews.

With good design: meross alarm clock

alarm clock

Do you want a digital alarm clock with a simpler and more minimalist design? East Meross digital alarm clock it is perfect.

It has a horizontal screen with the time, temperature and humidity thanks to its integrated thermostat. It has 3 brightness levels with automatic shutdown after 30 seconds. In addition, the alarm sounds little by little until it reaches 60 dB.

It has up to 3 different alarms and you can get it for only 20 euros on Amazon.

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