Friday, July 30

Wallet declares as investigated by Neurona

Purse declares today as being investigated for a possible false invoice from Neurona.

The judge investigating the management of Can He will take a statement this Monday as accused of the co-founder of the party Juan Carlos Monedero, whom the Police designate as author of a false invoice to justify that he received 26,600 from the consulting firm Neurona, hired for the April 2019 elections.

In addition to Monedero, they are summoned to testify, but as witnesses, Eric Alfredo Guerrero Márquez, nicknamed “the hummingbird” and who supposedly drafted the contract between Neurona and the United We Can coalition, and José Miguel Almazán, legal representative of the company Yugen Media SL, that signed a service provision contract with Podemos in February 2019.

In the past week Monedero’s defense asked the judge to allow him access to the courts in an alternative to the usual way that “does not endanger” his “personal integrity” for security reasons and due to the restrictions applied by the pandemic.

But the dean judge of Madrid, María Jesús del Barco, rejected it, arguing that the limitations of access to the judicial headquarters in force due to the pandemic “have not caused, to date, security problems for the personal integrity of those who come to the judicial buildings “, and furthermore the interested party does not detail the specific danger that he observes.

The head of the Court of Instruction number 42 of Madrid, Juan José Escalonilla, summoned Monedero to testify as investigated in a providence of February 16, a few days after the secret of a piece was lifted of the case that the magistrate opened last September and kept secret until February.

In the summary of this piece, the magistrate understands that, according to a police report, Juan Carlos Monedero drew up a “false” invoice to justify that he received 26,200 euros from the consulting firm Neurona shortly before it signed the electoral contract with Podemos of 2019.

The Central Unit for Economic and Fiscal Crime (UDEF) sent the court a report dated November 3, 2020 detailing, among other banking movements on Neurona, that Juan Carlos Monedero received on January 25, 2020 in one of the your accounts a payment of 26,200.31 euros from Neurona Consulting de México.

It’s about the matrix of Neurona Comunidad, the consulting firm that signed with the coalition United we can the contract for the April 2019 elections investigated by the judge.

The transfer was withheld by the bank, which requested a justification, after which Monedero delivered an invoice on which the Police say there are “indications that lead to think that it is an invoice prepared ‘ad hoc’ and whose issuance responds only to a justification for the aforementioned bank transfer “.

“It gathers enough evidence to suggest that it is a false invoice,” the investigators write, detailing the details that make them suspicious.

In the same ruling in which he quotes Monedero for this Monday, the magistrate transfers the statement of two witnesses, which he had initially summoned for March 9, to this same date.

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