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Walmart gives away medicines and offers discounts of up to 85% to win subscribers for Walmart +

The retailer is offering prescription drug discounts through Walmart +.

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As a measure to incentivize your customers to join your subscription service, Walmart is offering a number of prescription drug discounts.

The retailer announced that Walmart + members will receive discounts of up to 85% discount on selected medications and in some cases they will be completely free, as part of the exclusive prescription drug savings program for Walmart + Rx members for less.

In a statement the store explained that members can receive savings for “a variety of health needs, including heart health, mental health, antibiotics, allergies and diabetes management.”

Dr. Cheryl Pegus, executive vice president of health and wellness for Walmart in the US, noted that the move comes as the store chain works to make “health care more accessible and affordable.”

To qualify for benefits, at any Walmart pharmacy, members will require a pharmacy savings card and valid prescription.

Associates will also be able to get discounts applied to electronic prescriptions provided by a prescriber and transferred to the pharmacy, Walmart reported.

“When you consider the frequency with which many prescriptions are filled, the importance of medication adherence, and the ease of multiple compliance options, we can make it easier for someone to manage their medical conditions,” said Dr. Pegus.

On the retailer’s website it is detailed that the promotion is not available in all states and that the average savings on medications is 65%.

Walmart + launched last year, charging subscribers $ 98 per year or $ 12.95 per month, in its fight to compete with Amazon’s Prime subscription.

Among the benefits of Walmart + are same-day delivery on 160,000 items, a fuel discount at select gas stations, and the opportunity to pay at Walmart stores without having to queue at the cash registers.

For its part, Amazon Prime costs $ 119 per year, or $ 12.99 per month. It offers fast shipping and discounts at Whole Foods supermarkets and access to its video streaming site.

With information from Fox Business

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