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War at Buckingham over the name of Lilibet: did Henry of England consult with Elizabeth II? | People

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A baby has sharpened the differences between the institution of the British royal family and the one considered by them as the fractious couple of the moment. Last Sunday the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the birth of their second daughter, whom they have called by two very familiar names: Lilibet Diana. The second was an obvious tribute to the late Princess of Wales and Henry’s mother, while the first was to his paternal grandmother: Queen Elizabeth II. Lilibet is what her parents and sister called her in childhood, and how her closest ones refer to her and, above all, her late husband, Felipe de Edimburgo. However, from the beginning some controversy has arisen with that name, as it is so closely linked to the sovereign. A controversy that has been growing in recent days and that has led to a direct confrontation between the two parties, the royal family and the Dukes of Sussex, and no less than in the BBC.

The dispute is served because, throughout these days, many had questioned whether the queen had previously been consulted by her grandson – who now lives in California and with whom the relationship is relatively cold – to put that nickname, so personal , to your daughter. Now, a direct source from the palace has decided to speak with the British chain to affirm that no, that the dukes never consulted with the queen about giving her that name, as many tabloids on both sides of the Atlantic were commenting, who claimed that there was there has been a previous contact with the sovereign by Enrique and Markle. In fact, some even affirmed that the prince had commented with his grandmother years ago that his wish was, if he ever had a daughter, to name her that. But palace now denies the older one.

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However, a direct spokesperson for the Dukes of Sussex has now refuted that version. It is not an unidentified close source, but someone linked to them. That spokesperson affirms that the couple spoke with the queen before the little girl was born to consult her name, and above all insists that, if Elizabeth II had not given them her support, the dukes would never have used that name.

The spokesman wants to make very clear the importance of the sovereign for Henry of England and his family. “The duke spoke with his family before the announcement; in fact, her grandmother was the first person she called [cuando nació su hija]”Said that spokesman to the BBC. During the conversation, he shared his desire to name his daughter Lilibet in her honor. If she hadn’t been encouraging about it, they would never have used that name. “

The BBC does not identify that spokesperson but other media, such as the Daily Mail, Yes. According to him, he is one of the Sussexes’ closest friends, Omid Scobie. The news of the denial to the BBC upset the dukes so much that just an hour later the spokesman contacted the British media to give his version. However, after that appearance, the palace did not keep silent, but reaffirmed themselves in maintaining their own version: there had been no consultations.

Throughout these days – the little girl was born on Friday but the dukes announced it on Sunday – both the British and American media, now within the dukes’ range of action, have published different news about the authorization of the name, if the Queen had given her blessing, if they had asked her for a formal answer, if the conversation had been lighter … However, now spokesmen for both the palace and the dukes come into play, so the game of dimes and tell goes up of level.

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The media, especially American, have published sugary news about the birth of the little girl, from sources always close to the dukes. In fact, many have their own statements from people close to them, both on the question of the baby’s name and in other aspects. Magazines like People They go further by ensuring that Enrique and Meghan have introduced the little girl to the British sovereign through a video call shortly after arriving at her home in Montecito, California, after her stay in the Santa Barbara hospital. “They were very excited and did not want to stop sharing their arrival,” say these sources, who have also leaked details such as the reaction of little Archie, the girl’s older brother or that the queen has invited Enrique to a palace lunch when he goes to London in July to commemorate what would have been the 60th birth of his mother, Princess Diana.

The only thing that is clear is that the relationship between the Sussexes and the royal family is complicated and unclear. The unusual departure of the dukes of the royal family, a little over a year ago, has been even more muddied in recent months with several public statements on their part, since the controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey where they spoke of their leaving “in largely because of racism ”to his statements on the Apple TV + series where he spoke of his addictions, the difficulties about his mental health and how his family looked the other way when he expressed his problems.

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Communication between both parties is not fluid either. In fact, the dukes announced the birth of the little girl on Sunday at six in the afternoon (Spanish peninsular time) and until nine at night the social profiles of both the Queen and Prince Charles and the Dukes of Cambridge, Guillermo and Kate, did not react. It took three hours. Just as it took two days for a member of the royal family to speak about it publicly. “This is very happy news,” said Carlos from England in a speech during an official visit to a factory. The others, for now, are silent.

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