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Was Javier Ceriani right? Adamari López reveals why he left Toni Costa

Adamari López.

Photo: Alex Tamargo / Telemundo / Telemundo

Toni Costa He has said that he wants her back, that he misses her and assured that they even have to win back. She, Adamari López, She had previously admitted that she still loves him. However, in an interview with People en Español, The Telemundo star made it very clear that Toni knows why she left him. She said that what led them to end, what led her to end their family, was because of something that he had already done before, and that she could no longer afford. Adamari practically played with “I say it without saying”.

Will this be a veiled threat, for his part, to keep any statement Toni wants and can give in the future? Unfortunately this way of saying, without saying, only contributes to more rumors being created.

Adamari did not want to give details, that is evident. It was prudent. Probably because you don’t want this to be something your daughter can read in the future. But it is also true that his words generate many more rumors about who was his partner. They make one think, some say, that Javier Ceriani’s words in Gossip No Like could have been accurate, when he pointed out Toni for possible infidelity.

What has Toni Costa done in the past? What is it that Adamari López could not allow her anymore? What is so bad that it is not right for her daughter Alaïa?

Today Toni Costa went from being identified as guilty, to being a victim of Adamari López, to now return to the starting point where many no longer know what to think of him. And it is that Adamari’s words point him out as guilty, but guilty of what? That is the million dollar question, so that nobody, at the moment, has an answer.

Adamari says that leaving him, Toni, is not his way of punishing him. “There are things that I couldn’t allow for myself, but especially for my daughter. He and I know what happened. He knows why. I didn’t make the decision lightly, it wasn’t a tantrum. It is not a whim, it is not a punishment“.

What is so wrong that it does not allow her to be with the man she still claims to love? This is what Adamari said: “We were going through a situation that had happened more than once, and that I was not going to allow myself. After all the things I’ve been through, I can’t afford it. What was happening was not the right thing to do“.

What is so wrong that it does not allow Adamari López to be with the man who still claims to love? Now everyone believes that Toni was unfaithful, because if she refers to something that happened to her in the past, then Toni is like Luis Fonsi, and what they would have in common: infidelity. Will be?

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