Thursday, January 21

Washington Capitol | “One of the darkest days in US history”: condemnation of congressmen for the assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters

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Trump supporters overwhelmed security forces and took over Capitol Hill.

” A national disgrace”, “anti- American”, “an attempted coup”, “an insurrection encouraged by the president of the United States.”

The previous expressions collect some of the reactions of leaders of the Republican Party of the United States before the assault against the United States Congress that hundreds of followers of the president executed this Wednesday Donald Trump.

The crowd, who had just participated in a rally with Trump, stormed the building at a time when the parliamentarians were meeting to formally certify the victory of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the elections of November 3, the results of which have since been contested without evidence by the current president.

The assault on the building went on for hours and left at least one fatality, a woman who was shot in the chest whose identity was not made public.

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