Saturday, January 16

Washington Capitol | The images that show the different security measures that were in Washington with the protest of Trump’s followers and with that of Black Lives Matter

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The National Guard protected the main symbolic places of the capital, such as the Lincoln Memorial, in June.

And if they had been black protesters, would the same thing have happened?

The assault on the United States Capitol that was carried out on Wednesday by a crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump caused astonishment not only because it was an unusual event, but also because of the ease with which the crowd managed to overcome the security forces and enter the The congress.

This Thursday, the president-elect Joe Biden contrasted the response offered by the forces of order on Wednesday with the one offered last June when in the capital there were several protests organized by the movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) following the death at the hands of a white African-American police officer George Floyd.

In a televised statement, Biden said his granddaughter had sent him a photograph of a large group of fully equipped military personnel and lined up on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in the American capital.

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