Sunday, December 10

Watch out! The Income campaign begins and with it the first scam attempts

The Renta campaign is heating up and with it a multitude of hackers who are trying to get hold of user credentials. To avoid this, it is better that you follow the recommendations that we explain below.

The period most anticipated by managers and most hated by ordinary citizens has already arrived. Income 2021 is here and with it come the first scam attempts and, it is that, if it is already complicated to make the declaration correctly; You also have to be careful with the scams that travel the internet over the next few weeks.

In fact, users will most likely start reporting scams via text or email in the coming weeks. These are not the only ways to scam people behind the screens that send these items.

When dealing with this type of situation, many factors must be taken into account. We have focused on the most recognizable and common scams that occur throughout the tax return campaign period. We recommend you pay close attention to avoid falling into any of these traps.

If you have a Windows or Android device, usually a computer and a mobile phone, although tablets with the Google operating system are also included, it is best to pay attention to the applications you have installed and, above all, do not integrate unknown packages into these terminals.

And, it is that, hackers often target these two operating systems for their attacks. The way they attack is through fraudulent emails or text messages. The danger does not lie only in email or SMS, it is the content that poses a threat to users and, above all, to their data.

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Usually these messages are camouflaged as if they were from the Tax Agency and they usually indicate, in the subject of the message, that there are amounts of money pending payment to said body. These amounts refer to VAT in most situations and play with the user by generating unfounded concern.

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These messages do not have to be opened. It’s best to remove them directly from your email inbox and received text messages. Inside it is LokiPWS, which is a Trojan capable of stealing privileged user information such as name, passwordsaccount credentials that integrate cryptocurrencies and much more data.

If a notification of this style is received, it is best to go directly to the Treasury website and enter the profile to check if there is any message from this body. This avoids falling into the trap of hackers and, in the event that it was a message from the Treasury, you will be able to consult it directly.

And, although it is not necessary to repeat these recommendations, you do not have to share the PIN or password, agencies such as the Treasury will never request this data. If the messages have misspellings they will be false, you should never download or open attached files and, above all, it is necessary to use complex passwords as Bitdefender advises.

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