Monday, September 27

Water at the center of everything: The best technology applied to water and the management of its integral cycle

The pandemic has once again revealed the importance of water in our lives, both as an essential part of the instruments to curb its expansion, and because of its leading role in the recovery and exit plans for the crisis promoted by the institutions. One year after the outbreak of the pandemic, the mask and frequent hand washing remain the most effective preventive weapons against the virus, waiting for the long-awaited vaccination.

It is in countries and environments where access to drinking water is deficient, or simply does not exist, where the virus will continue to rage, depriving its inhabitants of a basic resource and, as has been seen, strategic in terms of health.

It is this context where some of the Sustainable Development Goals such as Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6) They demand priority attention and the demand that access to water be a universal human right is justified, as demanded by groups, companies and institutions from all over the planet.

Meanwhile, in the large cities of what a few years ago was called the “first world”, supplies have remained operational despite the pandemic. Its managers have enabled contingency plans and mobilized human teams to guarantee supply.

In places like Valencia, digitization and technological solutions adopted by The global have facilitated an immediate response to the changes brought about by the pandemic in consumer habits. Overnight, household consumption in homes soared while industrial use and large consumers fell, straining the capacity of the supply networks and infrastructures.

In addition, and deserves to be highlighted, the managers of supplies, public or private, under the supervision and in collaboration with the administrations, have worked together to prevent anyone from being left behind, as mandated in the 2030 Agenda, avoiding interrupting the supply to hundreds of families hit by unemployment associated with the crisis.

Global Omnium have facilitated an immediate response to the changes brought about by the pandemic.

Covid early warning system

Furthermore, the development by Global Omnium of the pioneering early warning system (SARS-GOanalitycs), anticipating in almost 15 days the “peak” episodes of the pandemic, or the PCR-Group, capable of determining with a single test the presence or absence of the virus in factories, neighborhood communities, residences, buildings, etc., sIt also puts water at the center of the collective response to the threat of the pandemic.

It is not just a question of having a large capacity laboratory to analyze the samples like the GO-Lab of The global, but of get the most out of that data, relating them with others obtained from networks and sensors through artificial intelligence techniques, algorithms, learning, etc., which multiply the possibilities and effectiveness of any intervention.

These are undeniable achievements that would not have been possible without a previous breeding ground characterized by a research ecosystem and an innovative vocation to which tools such as those included in Nexus Integra or group companies such as Water, with a clear international vocation.

Research programs have continued to be developed in the last year despite the conditions and limitations imposed by the pandemic. Company specialists are currently working on some thirty research projects focused on the use of more sustainable technologies and products, decarbonisation, nitrate reduction-recovery, climate change, biodiversity, etc.

Aguas de Valencia-Global Omnium, has been in the arteries (supply) and bowels (sanitation) of Valencia for years and aspires to contribute with its experience and technology to the design of healthier, more sustainable, socially just and better prepared cities to respond to the challenges of climate change wherever its services are demanded.

Water is very present in the Spanish plan and the European strategy of Economy Circular, in the European Green Pact, the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan or the preliminary draft of the Valencian Law on Climate Change, etc., while support for digitization has a specific and priority section in the destination of the funds enabled by the Recovery Plan for Europe.

The goal of Global Omnium is healthier, more sustainable and better prepared cities

In this sense, the digitization process undertaken by the company and its innovative nature, place it in a privileged situation to be a prominent actor in the plans and strategies launched by the European Commission and the governments of Spain and the Generalitat Valenciana in recent months, both to overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic, and to tackling climate change, which more and more experts and leaders place as the great threat.

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