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Water filters: what types are there, what are they for and which are the best

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If the water that reaches your tap is not entirely pure or has traces, water filters do the best service for your health by removing many of the heavy components of the water.

Humans need water to survive and although luckily the vast majority of people in Spain have access to clean and drinkable water, not everyone has good-tasting water or has polluting particles.

To improve water qualitya there is nothing like a water filter that removes as much as possible of these polluting particles. In addition to cleaning improve its quality and your health.

Water filters not only improve your health, they also improve the health of your water-using appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers. High level of lime or heavy elements and the pipes can become clogged or deposits can be generated that prevent their proper functioning.

While not everyone needs a water filter, there is no doubt that can face a number of problems with the water we drink or use every day. And there are several systems that may interest you, from the filters that you install in your pipes, to the most basic ones such as filter jugs.

Types of water filters

There are several water filtration systems that can be used and they go far beyond the typical Brita water jug.

These are some of the most used systems in water filters since some systems use several of them to purify or improve its quality.

  • Activated carbon It is one of the most used, a system with carbon blocks capable of absorbing particles that we do not want in our system. They adhere by contact and require a more regular change.
  • ceramic filters uses a conduit with porous ceramic materials that eliminate microorganisms and harmful particles, but not solid particles, so it must be used in combination with another.
  • Ultraviolet light It is the most common system used to kill bacteria that may be present in the water. These filters are usually elongated and are installed in the pipes of your home.
  • ion exchange It uses resins in the form of round grains that are usually used to decalcify and reduce the level of salt in the water.
  • Inverse osmosis It is one of the most popular that has membranes with micropores that act as a strainer to block impurities. These impurities go to the drain and the clean water to another tank.
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Surely after knowing these most popular filtering options you will have identified one that you may be using or some combination of them. For example reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light and activated carbon are often used in filters on farms or individual houses with their own well.

Best water filters you can buy

In pitcher format: Brita Marella

britta marella

This is the last option for filtering water before it enters your system, the well-known Brita filter water jug ​​system.

It doesn’t have much mystery as it is such a popular product. A jug with two spaces for water and a filter that eliminates bad flavors and reduces substances in the water such as lime or chlorine.

This box includes 4 Maxtra filters and the jug for less than 30 euros. The good thing about using the Brita system is that it has become a standard and you can find cheaper third party filters everywhere.

Filter for the faucet: Philips Water AWP3703

Philips Water AWP3703

Philips AWP3703 It is a perfect water filter to install on the tap and always find yourself with filtered water every time you open the tap.

Although it is true that it is a somewhat cumbersome system because it is installed directly on the tap mouth, it is a super-simple option to install and that lasts up to half a year per filter.

You can find it for less than 30 euros on Amazon and it is capable of filtering 1,000 liters of water for 6 months. You can also use the filter and activate it with the tap lever as usual.

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The replacement costs less than 10 euros.

Electric bottle: Philips Water AWP2980

Philips Water AWP2980

Philips Water AWP2980 It is a perfect solution for those who want filtered water that is always ready, whether it is fresh or cold.

It is an electric jug that has a filter and a water pump system to expel the liquid. You only have to charge it for a couple of hours and the battery lasts a month. You just have to press the button on the dispenser and it will give you a jet of water to fill a glass or bottle

It has a capacity of 3 liters and can be placed in the refrigerator door. Its price is less than 35 euros.

Filter for pipe: Waterdrop 10UA

Waterdrop 10UA

If you want to have a water filter in your pipe that goes directly to the tap, you can install this system under the sink Waterdrop 10UA.

It has two tubes for direct connection with the pipe or hose that goes to the tap. The filter can be wall mounted.

Its main benefit is that you don’t have to see it, it’s not cumbersome and it has a useful life of one year per filter or 30,000 liters of water.

Reduces the amount of chlorine, odors, heavy elements that make it cloudy, pipe oxides and even sand.

You can buy it for about 60 euros on Amazon and remember that for this price you will have a whole year of cleaner water and that its installation is very simple.

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