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Water polo coach charged with 34 counts of sexual abuse on 10 California athletes

The events date back to 2012 and 2015, when some players were minors.

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The sports organization, USA Water Polo and a club of California suffered a lawsuit from 12 water polo players. Specifically, the applicants had accused his coach of having committed sexual abuse. The resolution of the process resulted in obtaining almost $ 14 million which must be divided among the victims.

According AP information, The coach in question tries to Bahram Hojreh. The athletes point out that the events occurred between the years 2012 Y 2017. In this sense, the victims accused the International Water Polo Club and the organization of it, for not having protected them so that cases of sexual abuse did not arise.

In the case, a small group of taekwondists, which at the time aspired to dam USA in the Olympic Games. In this sense, California State Supreme Court stated that the organizations that are in charge of governing this sport have to guarantee the well-being and safety of your athletes.

However, in the face of all the accusations, Hojreh pleaded not guilty to the allegations. The 45-year-old coach has against him 34 counts of sexual abuse, related to 10 of the athletes involved. According to reports, nine of them they were just girls at the time the alleged sex crimes occurred.

Bahram had been working as a coach for 25 years. Nevertheless, the strategist was removed from his post by SafeSport. The former coach had been part of the Board of Directors of the United States Water Polo Team in Southern California.

On the other hand, Orange County Superior Court, established an agreement for $ 13.85 million dollars to be paid by USA Water Polo insurers.

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