Tuesday, April 20

Wave of solidarity with Diakhaby

  • Minister Garzón calls Valencia’s gesture of withdrawing from the field “heroic” and considers that LaLiga “should have guaranteed” that he was not sanctioned for it.

  • The Valencian president warns that the club “will go to the end in support of its player and against racism”

  • Tebas explains that LaLiga has opened an investigation, as happened in the case of Iñaki Williams

  • Cala, who allegedly would have called the defense a “black shit”, will give a press conference this Tuesday to explain his version of events

The decision of Diakhaby to leave Cádiz-Valencia after ensuring that Creek He had called him “black shit” has generated a wave of solidarity. Not only in Valencia, where he has received public support from his president and teammates, but from other players and clubs, and also from the political sphere. The minister Alberto Garzon has called “heroic” the gesture of Valencia to withdraw from the field and has considered that LaLiga “should have guaranteed” that he was not sanctioned for it. Javier Tebas has explained that LaLiga has opened an investigation, as happened in the case of Iñaki Williams in the Espanyol field.

“The reaction of the Valencia player … something happened and of course we are going to try to clarify it because in LaLiga we do not allow and we do not want there to be any racism in our football,” he said Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, in Vamos. “I think that with the public we have stopped it enough but of course there are no insults between the players. The versions that exist are somewhat contradictory but the behavior of the Valencia player … something happened.” The arbitration report includes that Diakhaby told the referee David Medié Jimenez that Cala had called him a “shitty nigger”, but that “this fact was not perceived by any member of the refereeing team.” Tebas has met this Monday with the Valencian president, Anil Murthy, which has urged both LaLiga and the RFEF to create protocols so that these situations do not occur again.

“Let no one have the slightest doubt that Valencia CF will go to the end to defend Diakhaby and fight so that these unfortunate events are never repeated,” Murthy said, in a statement with the defender in the who has called what happened “a flagrant act of racism.” “We cannot call him otherwise. Our player, Diakhaby, was the victim of a very serious racist insult by the player Juan Cala. Although he denies it, we all know how to recognize a guilty face and we totally believe Mouctar. These types of behaviors are intolerable in football and in society and from Valencia CF we condemn any type of racism and we fully support our player, “he said. “It seems that in this country there is no presumption of innocence,” reflected Cala, who has called a press conference for this Tuesday to give his version of what happened. “I’m not going to hide.”

The controversy has transcended the sports field to also jump into the political arena. The minister Alberto Garzon has joined the messages that Pablo Iglesias, Pablo Echenique and Irene Montero They have sent from United We Can in the last hours. “When I was younger I was federated and in the grassroots sport it was known. It is plausible that this happened and the gesture of Valencia, leaving the field, seemed heroic and necessary to fight against racism,” said the head of Consumption in an interview with laSexta. Garzón believes that LaLiga “should have guaranteed” that the team would not be penalized for leaving the field and that there would be “very clear forcefulness and zero tolerance for racism.”

MIlan supports Diakhaby and Davinson Sánchez

“I don’t understand rivalry here. Diakhaby force. Racism out!”, He tweeted Pau Torres, central of Villarreal. Milan has also shown solidarity with Diakhaby and Valencia, and also with Davinson Sánchez and Tottenham. “We are saddened to hear about more racist incidents shaking the world of football. We stand with Davinson Sánchez, Tottenham, Diakhaby and Valencia. Together, we must continue to fight to raise awareness in the name of tolerance and inclusion.” Sánchez, Tottenham defender, denounced racist insults received on social networks after his team’s draw against Newcastle in the Premier on Sunday (2-2). The Colombian defender published a photo of the insults he has received in the last hours through Instagram and wrote the message “nothing has changed.”

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The cyclist Bouhanni responds to the racist insults in the networks

French cyclist Nacer Bouhanni responded on social media to racist insults following his disqualification from the Cholet-Pays de Loire sprint on March 21. “Hello to all the little pranksters who have been having fun for a week writing me personally or commenting on some cycling sites that I should return to Africa, that I am a criminal, a Maghreb …”, declared the former French champion in the social network Instagram. “Let them know that I was born in France and that I am going to file a complaint,” added Bouhanni, of Algerian origin. To support his statements, the sprinter from the Arkea-Samsic team released some of these messages received, in different languages. Bouhanni was declassified on March 21 after blocking the way for 21-year-old Jake Stewart, who hit his hand against the guardrails. One day after the dangerous maneuver, Bouhanni apologized.


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