Tuesday, December 7

Ways to honor the Constitution

I think we should consider it fortunate that those who declare themselves potentially murderers of compatriots and those who cheer them or, at least, understand them, are constitutionalists. It gives a lot of peace of mind because, at least, we already know in which area we move. And it clarifies a lot the things that want a compact Constitution, only identical to itself, virtuous and without any hint of vice. Like a cemetery wall. Of course, those who are familiar with the idea that firing squads are a valid tool in a constitutional regime are almost certainly against the reform of the Constitution, lest they open the melon, according to the famous and sophisticated argument, may cause an accident.

The democratic period lasts 43 years and the corny of each house continue to speak of “the young Spanish democracy.” That is because some continue to think that they lived better with Franco and others that they lived better against Franco. Some think that the Francoist patriots gave too much to the separatist Reds, and others that the sovereign people were betrayed by the separatists and Reds. If the Constitution has any merit, it is to have achieved this. And it is that the consensus was not the result of a coincidence of “all” but the calculated transfer of the different ones. The consensus was not reached from kindness, but from conflict. The indifferent ones did not paint anything in the agreements, although, as often happens, they weighed like lead from the bullets of the happy military pensioners. The thing, therefore, is not whether the Constitution must be respected -of course I respect it-, whether it must be reformed -of course it must be reformed- or if it has partially lost validity -of course they have lost validity in part, because it must be reformed. It wasn’t. The question is whether we are able to read the Constitution or just evoke it like the miracles of some ignored saint. And, above all, if we are able to read it with the eyes of 2020. Some, obviously, yes: the volunteer shooters do a particularly creative reading of the Constitution.

But it is not surprising: the interpretation of the constitutional text is quite complex at times, although not as complex as the TC makes you believe with its convoluted language. But what is not too difficult is to understand that if the constitutional consensus must be renewed, it must be done on the basis of accepting a few things such as constitutional values ​​and what, for lack of other words, I will define as “constitutional spirit”, agreeing that the most far from that spirit is to use the Constitution to throw it to others at the head. Or, already put, to assassinate them with her. For this reason, in the Western enlightened and democratic tradition it is difficult to find constitutional fanatics, constitutional terrorists. In Spain we are about to achieve it. Well: we invented the word “liberal”, although few Spanish liberals learned its deep meaning, that those who are liberal in other places, here have been inclined to deliver their convictions at the doors of barracks and sacristies if they did not win. So let’s remember that we also invented the term “pronouncement.” Although the payroll of the rightists -constitutional, of course- who know how to pronounce a few articles of the basic rule is meager.

Anyway, that’s how we are. Times swing between two ideas. One is by the singer Rozalén and can be dedicated by the Constitution to certain constitutionalists of stomach and intestines rather than of brain and heart: don’t love me so much and love me better. The other is from Zagrebelsky, former president of the Constitutional Court of Italy: a Constitution is a norm that a people endows with when they are calm to use it when they are drunk. And it is known that, sometimes, the soldiers of the firing squads were given their shots of brandy for withstanding the rigors of the early mornings and devastating a remnant of humanity. But the fact is that we are on the verge of collective drunkenness.

And then there’s the question of whether the King should say something. I think it should. But let’s be careful. The same is that he is waiting for advice from dad or brother-in-law. Or that it is reserved for the Christmas Eve sermon, that this year there is little material. For the rest, I would like to suggest to the shooters that they coordinate with those of the vaccinations, which later things pile up and it is a mess that the separatist Reds take advantage of, as is known. And we ended up saying: go for God, for the Homeland, the King and the Constitution.


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