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Ways to show your pets you love them

Valentine’s Day may be over but love is still in the air. In case you didn’t know, we just celebrated “Love Your Pet Day” on Feb. 20. Sure, you might say you love your pets all year round but just like Valentine’s Day, this special day was a reminder to spoil and shower your beloved four-legged family member with extra love and undivided attention.

It’s never too late to love! Ahead are a list of ways to show your fondness for your fur baby.

Dress Up Your Fur Baby

If your pet enjoys wearing clothes, dress them up occasionally. You and your pet could even wear matching outfits. If your pet is sensitive about wearing clothes, try accessories instead. You could fit a bandana, a bow tie or a trendy collar. Local brand Bandanana Co ( produces handmade creative bandanas and bows that come in cutest designs and styles, and you will be snapping pictures of your fur baby wearing these cute pieces all day long.

Don’t forget to post it on social media to spread some good vibes online and tag @livesunstar and @sunstarcebu.

Once your fur baby is all dressed up, drop by Ayala Center Cebu, ask your pet to strike a pose, and get a chance to be the mall’s “Pupstar of the Month” to get some exciting treats. Check out its social media accounts for the mechanics.

Have a ‘Spaw Day’

Not all pets love spa or grooming day but this routine does not only keep your pet looking well groomed as it also maintains your fur baby’s physical health. And, besides, who doesn’t love to cuddle with good smelling fur babies? Grooming is more than just lathering your pet with soap and water, it includes combing out mats if your dog’s or cat’s fur, cleaning out of their ears to remove buildup and check for signs of a potential ear infections, nail trimming or clipping, to name a few. If you’re looking for a spa to bring your four-legged baby to, check out Koda and Co. on 88th Avenue. This modern pet care and lifestyle brand allows you to watch your fur baby being groomed, and interact with other pets. You can meet a lot of hoomans, too! Plus, its interior is aesthetically pleasing—perfect for a fur-baby-and-fur-parent mini photoshoot.

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Organize a Playdate

Play dates are important to dogs in the same way they are to children. It will help them develop good behavior around other pets and humans. Organize a playdate with your friends and their fur babies. Choose a safe location with large enough space that allows all types of play, but not so large that you can easily lose sight of your four-legged best friend.

Don’t forget to prepare lots of water because we know dog play is a thirsty work. Bring some pet-safe food, too, such as Kong Pet Food’s petzza, pawstry, paw burger and spawghetti, to make it more fun and memorable.

Give Your Pet New Treats

Your dog or cat might be growing bored of their usual treats so why not give them something new? Pepper’s Favorites makes delicious yet nutritious treats for pets that are made of natural ingredients. From dehydrated treats like beef jerky, beef liver, salmon meat and skin, and chicken feet; baked treats such as peanut butter banana, liver donuts, beef pops inspired by cake pops and food toppers—all free of artificial flavoring, sweeteners, seasonings and preservatives.

Play With Your Pet

One of the amazing things that happened lately is that most establishments including malls are now pet-friendly. Some malls like SM Seaside City Cebu dedicated a place on its Skypark for dogs dubbed Paw Park where dogs and humans can play and run all day long. Just don’t forget to clean after your pet and never leave it unattended.

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