Wednesday, August 17

“We are a recognized healthcare group in the field of dental health”

Salvador Antón Vidal. President of the Official College of Dental Prosthetics of the province of Alicante

What would you highlight from all this time at the head of the College of Dental Prosthetics of Alicante?

The most important thing is that we are a recognized healthcare group in the field of dental health, with more and more patients being those who know our work and our participation in it. design, preparation, elaboration, manufacture and repair of dental prostheses.

The College was created by Decree 271/2004 of December 10 and was the result of the concerns of an entire group to see their rights recognized. Now, we are working to ensure greater protection of the interests of consumers and users. My main objective is to fight so that our profession is respected in all areas.

What is the situation of the sector in the province of Alicante?

Currently the College has 382 members and numerous laboratories that respond to the needs of the sector. After COVID, many laboratories had to close their doors. The Ministry of Health considered the activity essential, and this involved a considerable personal and financial effort for everyone. From the College we verify the qualification and preparation of the new collegiate, the modernization of the prosthesis sector and a concern to give a excellent service to patients.

What problems does the profession face in the near future?

We continue fighting intrusion, being a constant awareness to the collegiate of the importance of developing their activity within the legal framework, and in this sense, the legislation prevents the exercise of the activity of prosthetist without being a collegiate.

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We are observing numerous dental prostheses that come from abroad, and there are no guarantees that they meet the quality parameters. All of this can cause a public health problem. And the new CAD CAM technologies used by some dental clinics is an invasion of skills. The entry into force of the European Regulation 2017/745, obliges us, as a manufacturer, to monitor the prosthesis.

There is a demand from the group of prosthetists to include prostheses in the Portfolio of Services of the National Health System …

Indeed, we have always fought to differentiate dental health products from medical and surgical processes, and that the dental prosthesis is included in the portfolio of services of the SSN, giving coverage to citizens. It is necessary to separate the clinical acts of diagnosis and prescription from the technical tasks and prescribed procedures of the measurement and preparation of the prosthesis adapted to the patient. We believe that this inclusion would benefit citizens.

What are the school’s short-term goals?

The school always has one goal: offer better training to members. Currently, the headquarters has modern facilities that allow any type of training. Our objective is let us know the patient and let them know what their rights are: freedom of choice of the prosthetist, the right to demand his invoice and to know the professional who makes his prosthesis, giving a greater guarantee on the manufactured product.

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