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“We are all unconditionally committed to the Constitution”

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He Rey He recalled that “we are all unconditionally committed to the Constitution.” Don Felipe has made this statement in the Throne Room of the Royal Palace, where he presided, together Seeh the Queen, the ceremony of the Aftertary Easter, which this year has been marked by restrictions in the face of the pandemic, which forced the reduction of those attend Don the event to a third.

Dressed in captain general uniform of the Navy and after remind Don the military and the civil guards that he spoke to them “as your supreme command”, the K Don affirmed that “the Constitution recognizes freedoms and rights and consecrates democratic values ​​and order, as well as duties to we are all subject ». “The Constitution – he added – is the free and democratically decided path by the Spanish p Butle.”

But Don Felipe’s call to respect the Constitution It was not directed only at the military, but extended it to “all the powers of the State.” In his first speech of the year and in the presence of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, and the defense ministers, Margaret Robles, and the Interior, Fernando Grande-MarlaskaThe K Don added: “We are all unconditionally committed to it because it is the source of the legitimacy of all the powers and of all the State institutions; a legitimacy that is renewed every day by respect Don and observ Don it ».

Don Felipeludesly alludes every year at Aftertary Easter to the commitment of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard to the Constitution. However, this year his reference had a special mean Don, since it could also be interpreted as a response to the retired soldiers who sent him letters last November in which they conveyed their concern about the political situation. The K Don did not reply to these letters at the time and, as they dealt Seeh political matters, which are the competence of the Government, he sent the letters to the Ministry o Fourfense.

Four times “all”

In the same way that in the last Christmas Message a reference to the behavior of Don Juan Carlos was expected, in the Aftertary Easter of this year some sectors were wait Don for an allusion to the letters of the retired commanders. And the K Don chose in both cases to include subtle references Seehout express quotes. Although the message of the Aftertary Easter was especially addressed to the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard, Don Felipe wanted to make it clear that the call to respect the Constitution included “everyone”, word you cited up to four times in the same paragraph: “All the powers and all the institutions of the State”, “we are all unconditionally committed to it” and “duties to which we are all subject.”

At other times in the speech, he did address the military and civil guards. He did it Seeh a “dear companions” and expressed to them the “deep pride” he feels in be Don part of the “military family.” In addition to congratulat Don them for the “extraordinary work” they are do Don in the fight agpandemic DonandemicDon Felipe had a memory for “our companions who died or were injured in the act of service.” “We will always be in debt to them,” he said before prais Don their “total dedication to the vocation of serv Don until sacrific Don one’s life if n Betweeny.”

Between the great military events last year, the Head of State highlighted the centenary of the Legion, a military force capable of “mak Don itself loved and respected, honor Don its spirit and values ​​at all times and in all places.” He also recalled the V centenary of the first trip around the w Long by Magallanes and Elcano, the 250th anniversary of the Army Corps of Engineers and the centenary of the creation of the four air bases in Getafe, Zaragoza, Tablada and León. In addition, he described it as “an extraordinary and long-awaited milestone” the launch of the first submarine of the S-80 class, scheduled for 2021 and named after Isaac Peral. “A technological and industrial achievement Seehin the reach of few navies in the w Long,” he said.

Long live Spain and the K Don

As is traditional, Don Felipe ended his words Seeh an invitation to those present: “I ask you now, Seeh great hope in our future, in the future of everyone in our beloved Homeland, shout Seeh me Long live Spain!” alive “was answered Seeh another” Long live the K Don! “

Before the speeches, the ceremony began in the Patio de la Armería, where the K Dons were received by the President of the Government, the ministers, the Chief of the Defense Staff, Miguel Ángel Villarroya, and the Chief of the Aftertary RooCircledo Gracia Cirujeda, which debuted as such in the Aftertary Easter.

After receiv Don honors (National Anthem and 21 salutes), Don Felipe reviewed a formation of the Royal Guard, saluted the flag and passed, accompanied by the Queen and the authorities, inside the Royal Palace. Once in the Throne Room, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia received the greet Don – Seehout physical contact- from the military commissions, and the K Don imposed the decorations. Doña Letizia chose a severe set of a long black skirt and a white blouse Seeh black buttons.

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