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“We are Barça. Not worth the remarkable, only the excellent”

Joan Laporta has delivered Barça to Xavi Hernandez. “It is a day that will mark the history of the club,” said the president of the new coach until 2024. The brain that guided the team from the pitch will now illuminate it from the bench with its technical guidelines to rescue it from mediocrity in the field. who is installed, ninth in the League and in a hurry to qualify for the eighth in the Champions League.

Xavi has been invested with the category of the new messiah of Barcelona, ​​given the economic and sporting ruin in which he was installed Josep Maria Bartomeu and from which Laporta has now been unable to rescue him. That is why he has ended up trusting the former Egarense footballer and for whom he has paid 5 million to Al Sadd to free him from the contract. One circumstance, that of the termination, that the leader avoided clarifying, leaving in the haze, without clarifying how and when it will be paid.

While the first soccer team is the engine that drives the entire entity, the president has handed it over to one of its greatest exponents: the player who played the most games with the Barça shirt. Ronald Koeman, the hero of Wembley, was not able. The mission has been entrusted to Xavi, another contemporary legend, who has promised to recover the essences of Barça football “from demand and work”.

The best and most difficult club

Xavi He has returned as he left in 2015. Repeating the same words. “We are the best club in the club,” he said at the farewell and welcome, with the Camp Nou doors wide open, and his name chanted by 9,422 spectators who were located in the second tier. He was moved on this day as he was on that day, but with teary eyes he was able to articulate a convincing speech while waiting for it to be endorsed with the markers. Because that’s what it’s all about, and Xavi doesn’t miss it. He has been hired for Barça to win.

But not only that. It is Barça is the best club in the world, but also “it is the most difficult club in the world.” It is not enough for him to win 1-0 in the last minute. It has to win well, comfortably, like and convince. And the former Barça organizer is perfectly aware of them during the 21 years that he belonged to the club.

”We are Barça. It does not serve the tie nor the defeat. Not the remarkable, but the excellent “he cried, without raising his voice, with the serenity of someone who has heard that slogan dozens of voices to make it his own. It is the only way to overcome the challenge you have accepted. And, from the first moment, he has involved veterans, captains, former teammates with whom he maintains a friendly relationship. “It is an advantage for me, because I know them, I know how they are and whose foot they limp.”

Dembélé, priority

The one who does not know is Ousmane Dembélé more than watching him on TV. He has made no secret of his enthusiasm. On the contrary. With Laporta at his side, he has had no qualms about qualifying as a “priority” the renewal of the Frenchman, whose contract expires on June 30. The striker is missing, again injured, want. “Well worked [Dembélé]He may be the best in the world in his position, “he ventured.

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This extensive experience, shaped by triumphs and defeats, with times of crisis and euphoria, has given him unique knowledge. It has a roadmap that will begin with the maximum demand of the work and will continue with the establishment of rules of coexistence and operation. “When there have been rules it is when we have worked best ”, he explained.

Established the base in the dressing room, then there will be the football idea. The book of Xavi He recovered the keys to the best known Barça, that of Pep Guardiola: having possession of the ball to send, play on the attack and with joy and press up to recover the leather quickly. Attack and attack to win again.

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