Tuesday, November 30

“We are Barça, we have to react and put things in their place”

  • “The world does not end after a defeat, we must analyze our failures and improve things”

  • “The shouts between Piqué and Griezmann? I like them, I understand them during a match”

  • “It’s good that the team is affected. If it doesn’t affect you, you can’t be at Barça,” he says, appealing to the team’s spirit to react

  • “We have spoken to encourage and seek in each player the pride of being a Barça player”

  • “Haaland? I have my ideas for the future of this club, but I have to wait who will be the president”

The European wound does not stop oozing at Barça. It is not a recent injury, like the 1-4 that Paris SG inflicted on Barça last Tuesday, which seriously compromises their chances of going to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Nobody speaks at the Camp Nou of a comeback, increasingly utopian in a team that is consumed in Europe with each passing year. There is no solution and it has been more than five and a half years (since Berlin-2015) that the Champions League is torture.

Ronald KoemanOn the other hand, he maintains that his reconstruction project is halfway through, just now that six months have passed since his arrival at Barça, signed by the president Josep Maria Bartomeu. Six months under the volcano, the technician has had to live, who only worked 70 days with the leader who hired him.

The coach has appealed to emotional issues, over techniques. Or tactics. “It does not bother me that there are harsh comments after 1-4 or that the press draws conclusions. It is your job. My message to the dressing room has been to give encouragement and seek in each player the pride of being Barça”, stressed Koeman, admitting that “it is good that the team is affected. On Friday I saw them a little low, it is normal, but today they have been better in training. If it does not affect you, you cannot be at Barça.”

“The world does not end after a defeat”, has proclaimed the Barcelona coach. “You have to analyze the games, analyze our failures, improve things, talk and then train,” said Koeman. “I’m not negative as you have said. We are Barça, we have good players, you always have to react and put things in their place,” said the coach.

In the Champions League he recovered Piqué, but did not have Araujo. Nor will the Uruguayan central defender be in the duel against Cádiz, which takes place this Sunday at lunchtime (2:00 p.m.). Precisely, the Andalusian team caused a blushing defeat for the Catalans at Ramon de Carranza (2-1). “Piqué’s yelling at Griezmann? I like those moments of high tension in the game. I don’t have a problem. After the game you have to talk and communicate to get along. People react if they are not happy. There is no time in a party to ask for things please, “he said.

On the verge of dismissal in Europe, with Atlético de Madrid giving up four points in the last three days (from 13 to 9), Koeman continues to trust the team’s resurgence. And he still hopes to eliminate Sevilla from the Copa del Rey on March 3 at the Camp Nou, despite the 2-0 conceded by Sánchez Pizjuán in another catalog of defensive errors, simplified in the figure of Umtiti.

Avoid “useless fouls”

And as has happened in recent games, Paris Sg also scored a set piece goal against Barcelona. “We analyze the lack of 1-3 and leave a space to defend. We have to be more concentrated. In this matter we do not have the strength and the height,” Koeman stressed, demanding maximum attention, stating that “unnecessary fouls should not be made that they can hurt. “

“I spoke with Dest. He needs to be more focused and aggressive. He’s young, he has to learn. He needs time,” says Koeman

He has also revealed that he has had a conversation with Dest, the young right-back arrived this season from Ajax, to strengthen his defensive spirit. “He has had injuries, but now he is fine. He is only 19 years old, he needs to be more focused, be more aggressive. I spoke with him, he has to learn. He needs time.

“We can improve the aspect of defending and having legs in the team,” says the coach

Then, he has indicated the problems that affect, in his opinion, Barça. Beyond even the necessary evolution in his style of play. “Nowadays, the physical part is very important. You have to play games with great intensity and a very tight schedule,” said the coach, specifying that “at Barça we have always looked for technical players and we have to look a little for the Balance”. Hence, there is a factor to develop: “The team has played very well this season, we always create many opportunities. We can improve the aspect of defending and having legs in the team.”

It may interest you

He gives nothing for lost. Not even La Liga (“we have a very good track record”), where Barça has added 32 points out of the possible 36, with their defeat in Cádiz being precisely the last they conceded. It happened on December 5. Nor does he consider the Cup tie for lost. Not even the Champions League.

“We are still in the three competitions. Of course the Champions League is very complicated. But in the Cup I think we can get through the tie. And in the League it depends on the team that goes up, which has to leave points to cut the gap,” he said. Koeman said about Atlético, which has lost four points of advantage in three games. But he still has nine on Barça.


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