Thursday, October 28

“We are below zero and this summer will be worse than last”




«It started as a small rebound that was getting bigger and bigger and now we are at levels that begin to worry us». When it seemed that the waters had returned to their course, the coronavirus had not yet said its last word. The avalanche of cases that have been detected for a few weeks has not had a strong impact on hospital occupancy by affecting the youngest groups that have not yet been immunized, but the care pressure continues to fall on the Primary care.

PCRs, the tracing of more and more contacts and the follow-up of positives once again collapse the agendas of family medicine professionals in the middle of summer vacations, with less staff and in the middle of a vaccination campaign that reaches record records of doses inoculated each week. It is the X-ray that the spokesman for the Forum of Primary Care Physicians of the Valencian Community, José Manuel Peris, does about the situation that exists in the health centers of the region.

Again, the perfect storm that doubles the burden on consultations and the “exhaustion” of professionals at the gates of the “longed for” vacations, “necessary after fifteen rather complicated months.” «The measures are not being carried out with the rigor that they should. We think we should continue wearing the masks, because otherwise it gives the false feeling that this is over, “says Peris.

To the «overload» by the cascade of outbreaks that have triggered the incidence in the Valencian Community until skimming the high risk of transmission After three months with the best data in Europe, there is a lack of personnel to attend to the rest of the patients. “Much work remains to be recovered from pathological patients, polymedicated, who have been left in the background by the pandemic,” he laments.

From the entity that brings together different associations and unions in the sector, they warn that the percentage of substitutions is “very low” and it stands “around 15-20% on average.” With these data, “it will be very difficult” to carry out a summer that is expected to be intense. We are below zero. Last year was bad and this one we sensed much worse, ”says José Manuel Peris.

What happened then with the hiring announced by the Generalitat? The Ministry of Health did not renew 3,300 health workers hired to reinforce the pandemic at the beginning of June with the promise of incorporating another 6,500 to the public system to prop up care during the summer period.

«A great snip was hit in the number of professionals when it was clear that we needed those contracts to be extended until December. Many of the covid reinforcements that remained – the other six thousand that were renewed – are in vaccination centers or in coastal towns where there will be an increase in the population, “explains the forum spokesman.

However, the Minister of Health herself, Ana Barceló, acknowledged this week that, despite having budgeted 65 million euros for the reinforcement and the vacation plan, it will be difficult because “we do not have doctors and we have many difficulties for replacements “, As well as to find” some profiles “.

A problem that is occurring, according to Barceló, “in all autonomous communities because the bag is sold out». “We are eager that when a doctor or a physician is available to be able to incorporate him immediately,” added the head of the department.

However, Peris confronts this version about the lack of doctors in the consultations: «We do not have doctors because they go to other adjacent communities that have offered their colleagues who have finished two-year contracts. Here They are offered junk contracts for less than they shouldThat is why they even prefer to go to other countries, where there are extraordinary offers ”. Therefore, it sentences, “Either there are good conditions or people leave.” “It is a strategic problem that we have dragged on for years.”

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