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“We are going to a hybrid model both in devices and in spaces”

It belongs to a generation that was born analog and grew up digital. That has allowed Zuriñe Martín, Marketing Director for Spain and Portugal at Logitech, have a more enriched vision of both communication and the work environment in which they now carry out their professional work.

“We are not scared by new technologies like our parents. We dove into them by trying this and that to see how it works. We read the instructions more when we assemble a piece of furniture than when we launch a device. ”. Because for Zuriñe, the main challenge has to do with “The information sieve” and knowing how to detect “which is the reputed source”.

That digital naturalization, added to the humility of “being aware that you do not know everything” and a job choice “emotionally linked to your values ​​and that connects with things that matter to you such as equality, the environment or the empowerment of certain groups ”is key to understanding their success in a company, with electronic peripherals, with more than 9,000 employees in which human resources prefer to be called Culture and Company and in which“ the involvement and dedication of the employees ”with one Monday public holiday a month.

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For Zuriñe, “money is fundamental, of course, but for the millennials and the zeta other things also weigh: that the work supposes a challenge and an apprenticeship ”. They are generations that “have understood the bad practices that others like the boomers, the millennials o go x. It is one thing to live to work, another is to work to live, and another is the middle ground. I know I’m going to have more stressed times but we can’t let ourselves eat because of that stress ”.

A labor context in full transformation, accelerated in part by the consequences of the pandemic. “Nobody expected them. We are going to go to a hybrid work model, both at the device level and at the level of spaces. We are going to be able to work from anywhere and we are going to need products: software or hardware to help us with this and that technology will not stop us and I work in the cloud to have it at our fingertips ”.

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