Tuesday, October 19

“We are going to have to intubate you and interrupt your pregnancy”: the moving story of a Chilean woman who had her daughter while she was seriously hospitalized for covid-19

  • Fernanda Paul
  • BBC News World

Verónica Julio with her daughter Jacinta

Image source, Veronica Julio


Jacinta weighed 1 kilo 410 grams and met her mother a week after she was born.

Verónica Julio was 29 weeks pregnant when she was hospitalized for covid-19.

Although she tried by all means to avoid an emergency delivery, her respiratory distress forced the doctors to decide on that option.

His daughter, Jacinta, was born with a barely beating heart, as she fought for her own life. But both managed to get ahead.

The case of the Chilean, a doctor by profession and mother of four other children, crossed borders: her photo went viral in more than 15 countries.


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