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“We are not going to say that we beat the virus until 100% of the population is vaccinated”




With the Covid pandemic as a backdrop and common thread, Alberto Núñez Feijóo took advantage of his intervention after the meeting of the board of directors of the PP of Galicia, this Saturday, to claim the management of the Xunta against the virus and send several volleys to the autonomic opposition but, especially, to the central government. «Some say we beat the virus», He recalled in reference to the triumphal declarations of Pedro Sánchez, during a rally in La Coruña, last July. «We are never going to say that. We are not going to say that we beat the virus until 100% of the population is vaccinated. There are people who say that they have already got all the vaccines in the world. We say that we still need thousands and thousands of vaccines to reach that false slogan, “proclaimed Feijóo precisely from another point of the Coruña region, Oleiros, after another speech by Sánchez, this week where he promised group immunity by the end of August.

Feijóo concentrated in the section of his speech in Castilian his main reproaches to the Governor. “Co-governance cannot be a slogan. It is not an empty word. It is not a wild card that the Government uses when it does not know what it has to do or does not dare to do what its responsibilities require it to adopt, “he said. Like so many other times, the Galician president condemned that Sánchez left the management of the pandemic in the hands of the regions. “We have been much more loyal with the Government of Spain than the Government of Spain with the autonomies. The autonomous communities have been much more the Government of the Spanish than the Government of SpainHe proclaimed.

In the same critical line, he asserted that “you cannot govern a country simply by appearing from time to time” or by “giving press conferences,” “leaving the responsibilities in the hands of others” and due to “permanent states of alarm.” but “without a single health standard” or legal certainty or legal coverage. Feijóo compared Sánchez to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who listens to the landers before making decisions. “Not here, a press conference is held and the ship is abandoned, and if it goes well, it appears, and if it goes badly, it runs away “, reproached Feijóo.

The president disappointed that a conference of presidents is not convened, as he has been asking, to analyze the scenario as of May 9, when the state of alarm declines, which It will mean going from this umbrella «to chaos» since everyone can «do whatever they want». In this context, he defended, the Galician health law, which has encountered a government maneuver to block it due to its alleged unconstitutional content, is “more necessary than ever.” There was also room for reproaches in the management of European funds or aid to the sectors hardest hit by Covid. Feijóo once again demanded that objective and non-political criteria be followed, that managements to favor government partners be excluded.

No “organic jokes”

He pointed out that he would “like” to have been able to hold the provincial and autonomous PP congresses, still pending, convinced that there is already “less” left for the pandemic to allow its development, but at the same time he pointed out that the “important” thing is not so much “the organic life of a party”, but to be “useful” to the citizens. And here he again compared the work of the Xunta with that of the Government, with the example of Salvador Illa, who in “the middle of the third wave” left the post of Minister of Health to present himself as a candidate for the PSC in the Catalan elections. The PPdeG is committed to “Otherwise, be working, showing your face, and not go around with organic jokes”. “Others from La Moncloa were exactly the opposite of what they should be doing,” he stressed, to recall the three motions of censure with which, he accused, it was intended to “destabilize Spain at the time when political union was most needed and institutional stability ».

Galicia, he said, is betting on the opposite. Of course, he slipped, without the help of the opposition, because the parties of the left “acted as commentators during the pandemic, from the carpet of their seats they gave lessons” and demanded confinements (the BNG). “Luckily we ignored them and continued with the advice of the clinical committee and with responsibility and personality to manage according to health criteria, regardless of the political and parliamentary noise we had to endure».

As the Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña, had done a few minutes before, telematically from Barcelona, ​​Feijóo claimed that “the health system worked and continues to work”, in the face of the “insidies and slander” of the opposition, proving that “he can look with dignity to the people who finance it, the Galicians. “To those who lied, who lie and who continue to lie, we ask them to put the lies on hold and defend the country’s public health as those of us who are proud defend it,” he added. Because it is to feel «proud», he proclaimed, that Galicia is «one of the safest places in Europe to live and beat this pandemic».

Comesaña also took advantage of his intervention to «to thank the good sense of the Galician citizens»Amid the uncertainty that the criteria changes have generated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. With more than 77% of cited attending to be inoculated This antidote, for the councilor, shows that “Galicians are not carried away by alaramism” that has been generated around some adverse effects, those of the vaccine, which he recalled that they are “very rare.” And he valued that half a million Galicians, 20% of the population, have already received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine.

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