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We are not ready for another pandemic

A coronavirus vaccination center in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

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Although it sounds incredible, the idea of ​​preparing for a future pandemic is not a bad idea. That’s what Joe Biden suggested in his first speech as President of the United States to the United Nations General Assembly in Manhattan.

The same Assembly, last year, had asked to begin to assess the risk, because with this world so interconnected, you never know where another virus will jump to lock us up again like Covid-19 did.

Even the UN established December 27 as the International Day of Preparedness for Epidemics to be ready with the resources and actions that allow to defeat the deadly enemy faster, with less costs and saving more lives.

It would also allow them to be prepared with medical material and equipment to protect health personnel, without taking risks, because they are more protected against infection.

Billionaire Bill Gates has also earned several criticisms for asking governments and the scientific world to be prepared to face the risk of this global threat.

With the ease with which the coronavirus took over the global economy, causing panic about death, in poor or developed countries, it is time to start calculating the appearance of another virus if fears about the increase in mutations are confirmed and infections with the Colombian or “mu” variants and the delta that were detected in the United Kingdom, but which today are threats that are monitored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention due to their rapid spread in the 50 states of the Union.

The issue is not just having or applying more vaccines, or creating a World Health Council to monitor the risks of new pandemics. The issue is one of public health and everyone’s personal responsibility.

For example, being responsible in deciding to apply the doses that are needed to avoid further infections or transmit the disease to those who are healthy and do not know that they can become infected just by breathing.

It is also in the way we adopt hygiene procedures with food or medicine and cleaning in general in private or public places.

With the delta mutation there is fear that it will become the dominant virus and in less than what we imagine we are dealing with another pandemic, having no way to fight in the midst of a faltering economy and increasing spending to save renters and unemployed without know how long the problem will extend. So it is better to be prepared.

(Sofía Villa prepared this column in her personal capacity. She works as a Producer Writer at Univision NY and her opinions do not represent Univision Communications Inc.)

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