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“We are on an island where everyone speaks Spanish”

Two clues would have located the scene of the kidnapping of Lorenc Toska (identity that his ex-wife provided yesterday to the German newspaper Das Bild) of his two young children, Kristian and Amantia, in Tenerife: a heated discussion between the parents in which he finds out that they are in his favorite daughter, Tenerife; and a whatsapp that the 10-year-old girl manages to send to a friend of hers and that is now in the hands of the Police. In this message, Amantia comments to her friend (in a communication always controlled by the father) that they are on an island where everyone speaks Spanish.

The international search warrant on Lorenc places the Canary Islands back in the

epicenter of an alleged parental kidnapping, when not even two months have passed since the retention of two small girls by their father, Thomas Gimeno. The new case is entangled in a storm of warnings and complaints in Germany and Spain by the mother of Kristian and Amantia Toska, aged 11 and 10, who has now been voiced by the president of SOSDesaparecidos, Joaquín Amills, after that this woman contact them upon landing on the island to file a complaint. It was last July 30. At the time, she, living in Germany and of Albanian nationality like her ex-husband, still maintained telephone communication with Lorenc and with the children, although “always in hands-free mode and in the presence of the father”, 44 years old. Lorenc’s last call to Enkelejda Sulaj (a
identity revealed by the German newspaper ‘Das Bild’)
it occurred on August 10. «If you go to the police, I will kill your family, your children and you » threatened her.

The marriage had been separated since 2013 and the mother had full custody of the children due to a history of violence by the father of the minors, as stated in the divorce certificate. She has reported that her ex took advantage of a weekend of leave to take them away, on January 17, when she notified the German Justice for the disappearance. There is evidence of flights from Lorenc to Tenerife at this time (although according to reports, he would have forged the signature to leave Germany with a record), as well as a record of trips of him going alone from Tenerife to Madrid on repeated occasions. It is being investigated whether there would be someone covering him up on the islands, and who would have been in charge of the children during those journeys.

Also, according to police sources and such and Amills confirmed to ABC yesterday, there are several calls from people to the Police who claim to have seen them on the island. The last time was last Sunday, August 15, when a witness would have observed them in the middle of a public thoroughfare. According to the testimony, the father was with his two sons. There they lose track.

The mother has recently traveled to the Canary Island, where she moved after her last and heated contact with him. The case is in the hands of the Gender Violence Court of Tenerife, after the Court of First Instance was inhibited and sent all the documentation collected. According to the mother reported in court, in the period from January to August, she would have spoken numerous times with the parent, while the parental kidnapping complaint continued its course in Germany, but it was in an argument with him that she slipped (does not know whether on purpose or to distract their attention) that they were on their favorite island. A WhatsApp message from Amantia, 10 years old, to a friend, elaborated on the fact.

Brown-haired and thin

There are still many unknowns surrounding this case, which the German press has echoed with the lament of the Albanian citizen asking to find her children, whom she has not seen for eight months. Enkelejda returned to Germany for work reasons last Monday, says Amills, and maintains full confidence that her children are healthy and alive. SOS Disappeared yesterday launched a search message for the two little ones, both with brown hair, brown eyes and a thin complexion. The first-born wears prescription glasses due to vision difficulties. The little girl has a very sweet expression and long curly hair.

An international arrest warrant has been weighing on Lorenc Toska since last Tuesday and although the investigation indicates that the minors could still be found on Canarian soil, other possible lines are investigated. “All inquiries are open” right now, says Amills, who finds the situation alarming. “I do not want to think about a tragic ending”, ends who became the interlocutor of Beatriz,
the mother in mourning for the little ones Anna y Olivia, 1 and 6 years old.


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