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“We are the brothel of Europe, we must stop the demand now”



“No one knows what happens when the neon lights go out or asks how you feel or what you want.” she told him Dory, one of the women rescued by
to its president, Rocío Mora
moments before his conversation with ABC. And no government, no party has gotten into that shadow zone. From this NGO focused on mitigating the consequences of pimping, they have only found abandonment and legal helplessness caused by the legal limbo in which sexual exploitation moves and to which no legislator has dared to reach out to put a transparent solution on the table. «Governments always approach pimping in a lax manner.

But we shout from Ballesta street in Madrid [uno de los otrora epicentros de la prostitución de la capital] that with alternatives these women come out. Most want to get training, a job, stay in Spain and have a normal life. We will see if this time there is political will, “Mora challenges all the deputies.

Apramp (Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Prostituted Women) is one of those pioneering entities that around 1985 rebelled against society’s elusive gaze at industrial estates, hostess clubs, concentric city streets, poor pensions death and roads where they have seen “brutalities of all kinds.” Many women come to Apramp physically destroyed, split open. And the worst is the emotional tear. “They do not dare to speak, many take months, they do not seek help, we are going to seek it because they feel guilty for having said ‘yes’ to a deception, that of bringing them to give them a better life.”

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“We have avoided them”

In the 1980s, “we wanted to avoid these women as citizens,” recalls Mora. This uncomfortable reality was only approached by clients, who were not few, because Spain has been since 2011 and according to the United Nations the first European country in demand for prostitution, the third in the world. For this reason, Mora, one of the most experienced voices used by the parties that want to ban pimping, attacks the “necessary accomplice of the existence of this form of sexual exploitation, the whorehouse.” Often the eyes of society only stop at them, at women, he complains. «I am not a legislator, but we are the brothel of Europe and that demand must be stopped now. We must put fences on this cooperation necessary for a serious international crime.

“Governments always laxly address how to help these invisible women, without dignity or identity”

And he continues: «Even in the pandemic we noticed it, there was demand and that is why the mafias offered the ‘merchandise’ they wanted. They are invisible and do not appear in any record or place. The butler looks for fresh meat and the mafias work together to capture women wherever they can find them, it is the basic law of the economy, supply and demand. If clients are not stopped, I could be working another 800,000 years and I don’t want to. not spoken but there is this proactive prostitution looking the other way.”

Of 59 nationalities

The NGO was founded by dew grandson and its current president has been enrolled in it for 26 years. Apramp has managed to help more than 9,000 prostituted women in Spain, of 59 nationalities, and housed 1,650 in shelters. The president clears doubts in the debate that yesterday faced deputies such as Adriana Lastra (PSOE) and Sara Giménez (Cs). Of the women who work as prostitutes in Spain, 54.4% are minors, often girls of 14 and 15 years old, says Mora, and “by free choice they are not” there. “We don’t want confrontation, but this is the reality we see every day. Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Nigeria and Romania they are in the lead as a place of recruitment and our country is the destination ». The pimps market with “a very profitable raw material: the body of women, with which they do what each one wants, true atrocities.” For Rocío, it is not her body, it is her «dignity; so much that there is talk of freedom, it is not freedom that you have to fight for, they have lost their voice».

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Mora, in the textile workshop with women who were prostituted and later helped by Apramp
Mora, in the textile workshop with women who were prostituted and later helped by Apramp – JAIME GARCIA

It is estimated that of the 1.8 million people in prostitution in the world, 79% are women and girls; and of them, 95% are enslaved by third parties, although the debate on whether voluntary sex work exists is open, as was demonstrated yesterday in the Lower House. Mora settles it soon: «They travel with a suitcase in which there is not a single fundamental right. They cannot eat, move or speak. They lose their identity.”

Among the resources that Apramp offers, the best known is that of the textile field, especially after the gesture of Doña Letizia when visiting them with a gray dress made by them. “All visibility helps,” Mora resolves. In the mobile unit with which Apramp helps women there are 35 survivors, key witnesses for other women that there is something more. Her recovery takes at least a year.

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