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“We are the generation that had the privilege of growing up with the internet since it began”: The Jackal, the Italians behind the 56K Generation series

  • Alejandro Millan Valencia
  • BBC News World

Generation 56k

image source, The Jackal


Generation 56k can be seen on the Netflix video platform.

In mid-2017, a song went around the world: the successful song “Despacito”, by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

And one of the viral videos that accompanied the phenomenon in those days was that of three Italians who showed the effects that the catchy song had on those who listened to it.

They were Ciro Priello, Fabio Balsamo and Gianluca Fru, from the Italian humor collective The Jackal. Although they had been working for many years and were recognized in their country -especially in Naples, where they are from-, the video led them to be known around the world, especially in Latin America.

And it was thanks to that video that, three years later, the group returned with a global production on the Netflix streaming platform: Generation 56K, a series that is a love letter to the beginnings of the internet and how it influenced our lives. The name, in fact, alludes to those modems that worked by dial-up in the late 90s and, slow and noisy as they were, became the gateway to the vast world of the Internet.

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