Sunday, September 19

We are tired, very tired … – Information

I heard a few days ago, via TV, the statements of one of those 400 Franco’s military who wish to resurrect or at least glorify Franco … They said that the Generalissimo was a politician who “respected the Constitution …, his Constitution, yes, and believed in it …” Those who participated in that interview stayed behind. paintings wondering in amazement what the hell this famous character would have meant and what would he call the Constitution … The catechism of Father Ripalda? What we needed. At this stage we have everything, even an unusual virus -Covid- with an ambiguous name. But I must clarify that that soldier was very old and in reality, I felt sorry for him …

The truth is that this strange episode It has taken me to other distant times when I experienced unusual events, as it seems to have happened to the old military man who now surprises us. Because I also lived those years and I know what I say to myself today. That period was the sad end of the Republic – when I was born – and the advent of a long and incomprehensible post-war era. This military man of today, as I have perceived it, seemed confused and unable to find a historical step to sit on; he acted as if he was still listening to those Falangists who used to maneuver singing the “Face to the Sun” in the streets, but he found himself immersed in “other times” and as the boys of today would say, he lost the pot. But I suppose that this is how the 400 who “get up” today to vindicate the Franco regime, “may he rest in peace”.

And immersed as I am in these precautions imposed not only by the current authorities but also by the sense of our own responsibility, I find time to dream about my yesterday, and scared I have seen myself again in an old environment rarefied by the puffs of incense, chants from novenas, women with black veils on their heads, muffs to cover the nakedness of the forearm, the arm that was already covered by the almost long sleeve, so that not an inch of sinful flesh would be seen. Mass every Sunday whose non-compliance was penalized by staying in purgatory if the confessional had not previously been passed through so that, once the “slip with all the details” had been explained, it could be forgiven. Men had other treatments because, of course, women were carriers of so many possibilities of sin … Men were only carriers of eternal values, according to the Spanish Falange; and Spain was for them “a unit of destiny in the universal” … And “to defend the mother and the country, the only possible dialectic was that of the fists …” The words tending to concord were of more or they were “feminoids”.

The military man I saw on TV must keep, I am afraid, all these concepts well stored in his very personal “Constitution.”

We would have to have many volumes if we wrote down all the incredible vicissitudes of that post-war period, but he better rest in peace. What times …!

And I keep asking myself in this present that we still have, what 400 old nostalgic military men plan to do in the face of today’s society that does not stop even with brother “Covid”. If all this is what the boy who went out to conquer Spain riding a horse from Covadonga can present, they are ready. Surely, since they are very religious, they will still believe in miracles. What can we do in this Spain so lacking in knowledge? The gallant young man who descended from Covadonga filling all of Spain with his vox, reeling off the myth created by those who embody the essences of Spain from the bowels of the God of the Old Testament, and they look more arrogant from that rostrum than from the reality of the history of Spain, the history of today’s bachelor should be studied, which will be less exalted, but it is ours pure and simple. The real one, not the one taken from that myth that you have invented for a few decades. Enter the historical document, not the sacred history.

When can we have a good Education system that produces good citizens; capable, ethical and intelligent politicians; good professionals in all fields etc, etc.? I’m tired of preaching in the desert, really. Very tired Oh, good politicians, what is missing! I seem to hear the Greek saying: “Where leadership is coveted and disputed, there can be no good government,” and there is much of that these days.

Anyway, we are all already tired. And not only from the virus, also from seeing that parliament that gets unhinged from time to time and looks like a cockfight; or those who leave home without a mask and bundle up in bottles, making this disease not stop; to see the scientists so exhausted, the teachers and professors throwing the gall so that the young people do not get stuck and lose a rhythm and an irretrievable time … and to see the streets full of people when it has been strongly requested that they be empty For the good of all…

We are very, very tired …

Anyway, as the poor man said Miguel Hernandez, who also spent black: God will say, that he is always silent.

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