Monday, October 25

We can affirm that the file of a complaint for urban irregularities confirms the good work of his exedil De Lamo in El Campello

The mayor of Podemos in El Campello, Eric Quiles

The mayor of Podemos in El Campello, Eric Quiles

Podemos of El Campello celebrates the rejection of the contentious presented for alleged irregularities in the construction of a building on the front line of Muchavista. This building permit was granted when, in charge of the area of Urbanism was Mari Carmen de Lamo, from the Campello Party, the white label of Podemos, and was based on the General Plan for Urban Development (PGOU) of 2011, despite the fact that when it was granted it had already been annulled by the Supreme Court. The judge has confirmed that it was acted correctly, since it was granted before the annulment of the PGOU was formalized with its publication in the DOGV. From Podemos, its mayor Eric Quiles affirms that complaints about urban irregularities under De Lamo’s management have been constant, and “it so happens that they intensified before the municipal elections of 2019.” And that this file shows the good work of your councilor. This complaint was filed by the owner of a restaurant in front of the new construction, due to the PGOY issue and other alleged irregularities, and the US also warned of deficiencies in the action of Urbanism.

Quiles explains that “finally, and as happens with 100% of the times that a case against a Podemos charge is brought to court, they again agree with us. In this case, for a building license granted on Avenida Jaume El Campello I. If this license had not been granted, as it was done from Urban Planning, the City Council could be facing a millionaire compensation. The objectivity, hard work and honesty with which the mayor Mari Carmen de Lamo worked from the Urban Planning department is beginning to be evident. All political groups have the right to criticize the management of another municipal group if it does not seem appropriate, but that does not mean that we can turn it into a Witch hunt“.

And he points out that “surely they will be able to put ‘buts’ to the management, but the hard work of the department is irreproachable. Taking forward 3 of the 4 projects of the Edificant Plan, pushing forward projects and licenses throughout the legislature, despite that the Constitutional Court overthrew the PP’s PGOU of 2011. During all this time cases such as Victoria Rosell’s or the multiple complaints to Podemos for illegal financing came to mind, which have ended one after another in nothing. The damage has been done We do not know the objective with certainty, perhaps they think that all politicians are the same. From Podemos we continue to say that it is not like that, and that we will continue forward to demonstrate that public policies can be made by, for and with the people. change the old policy, that of lies and half truths, we must not omit those fundamental data to understand a situation, for a purely partisan interest. From Podemos El Campello, sol or we can rejoice that little by little justice is being done, and the honor of Mari Carmen de Lamo is restored. ”

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