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We can avoid condemning the riots by Hasél and criticize the Police

United We can avoid condemning the violence in the demonstrations in support of Hasél

United We can avoid condemning the violence in the demonstrations in support of Hasél

The criticisms of PP, Vox Y Cs for encouraging violent demonstrations for the conviction of the rapper Pablo Hasél They have not intimidated United We Can. Not even, the reproaches of the first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, have served for the purple party to rectify. Rather the complete opposite. The national party spokesperson, Rafa Mayoral, has avoided, on several occasions, condemning the violent acts of the past two nights and has questioned the actions of the Security Forces and Bodies in these demonstrations and in the protests in the town of Linares. “No one can be mutilated by attending a demonstration,” he added.

Mayoral’s words have come after the controversy produced by a message posted on Twitter by the party’s parliamentary spokesman, Pablo Echenique, in which he criticizes the police. “The violent mutilation of the eye of a protester must be investigated and responsibilities must be purged forcefully,” said the purple leader, unleashing criticism from all the opposition who have already called for the removal of the second vice president. Pablo Iglesias, and Echenique himself.

In addition, Echenique has published this Thursday a photograph of the girl who lost an eye in a demonstration in Catalonia and a video of several riot police charging at several protesters in Madrid. In this regard, Mayoral has indicated that there is a “substantive” reflection that should not be limited to problems of public order but to the need to reflect on a process of “deepening democracy” in all State institutions and has criticized the attitude of police.

“Regarding the actions of the State Forces and Security, the problem that exists is that when things are not done well, those who do not do things well are not reprimanded. And those who do things well, they do not feel incentivized to do it. good. And those practices of those who do it badly end up turning, unfortunately in many moments, into viable options to tackle problems that are problems of political participation and are not problems of public order, “he declared.

Calvo’s criticism

The Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, has pointed to Echenique and he has explained that inexperience explains his words.

“Those of us in public office have to live our lives with some complexity. One thing is what you can think and another is the responsibility of your position. It is one thing to defend a demanding democracy with freedom of expression and another to encourage a situation in which we saw people injured and detained. That is unfathomable within our responsibility as public officials, “argued Calvo, for whom” no right can be defended or expressed with violence. ”

Even so, the vice president has defended the announced reform of the Penal Code, still undated, so that the so-called crimes of expression do not carry prison sentences, something from which Hasél himself would benefit. “The rules are being applied to Pablo Hasél. They can be changed, but for now we have to fulfill them all. And this is very progressive, very left-wing ”, he said.

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