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We can criticize the treatment of Juan Carlos I: “We are not all equal before the law”

An archive image of the King Emeritus, Juan Carlos I.

An archive image of the King Emeritus, Juan Carlos I.

The state spokesman for Podemos, Pablo Fernández, has questioned the treatment that from the Tax agency and the Justice is offering to Juan Carlos I, which in his opinion is being the subject of a “extreme protection“from all walks of life, which shows that”not all citizens are equal before the law or before Hacienda“, something that qualifies as” very serious “.

Speaking to EP, Pablo Fernández has indicated that a year has passed since the former head of state “fled” to Abu Dhabi, and he is still waiting for an explanation from who is paying the emeritus “luxury stay”. “He has been on the run for longer than Luis Roldán. I find it scandalous and a democratic anomaly,” he said.

He has also criticized that, more than a year later, the Prosecutor’s Office has not yet made a decision on the investigations that weigh on the former head of State: “I find it absolutely regrettable, anomalous and pathetic“, has affirmed.

In addition, he has “the impression” that the Treasury is not treating the king’s father as it would any other citizen, which leads him to think that “not all Spaniards are equal before the law and before the Treasury”, something that, in his opinion, “undermines” and “degrades” democracy and so their training will continue to work so that “there is transparency and the Prosecutor’s Office and the Treasury act as they should.”

Skinny favor

To all this he adds the refusal to allow the Congress set up a commission of investigations on the accusations that weigh on the emeritus king. “If Parliament cannot control to resolve all these issues of alleged corruption in which the emeritus King could be involved, the parliamentary monarchy is deteriorating and a a disservice to democracy“, has asserted.

For Pablo Fernández, “it is truly regrettable that there are parties like the PSOE, the PP Y Vox who systematically refuse“for this parliamentary investigation to be carried out, something that, in his opinion,” calls into question the parliamentary monarchy itself “. His conclusion is that Juan Carlos I is receiving one”extreme protection or defense from all areas “and that, among the major parties, only his party demands a commission of inquiry.

The PSOE pays for the monarchy

He even reproaches the PSOE for not providing all the information it has on the emergence of the emeritus, the expenses of his stay in Abu Dhabi, and the real and specific data of the amounts that the Ministries of Presidency, Interior and Defense (all in the hands of the PSOE) contribute to “support and defray” personnel costs linked to the Royal House.

And it is that, despite the fact that Unidas Podemos is a partner of the PSOE Government, Pablo Fernández has insisted that the ‘purple’ formation does not have all the data about the Royal House and has complained that the PSOE insists that are “state secrets” and “security” issues.

In this sense, it has demanded transparency mechanisms from its government partner to offer information to the public on the costs associated with the Royal Family. “We do not know what the real expenditure of the House of the King is, which is much higher than the 8.4 million that are in the Budgets,” he assures.

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