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We can open its primaries to choose the candidates for the Madrid elections to which Iglesias is running

An image of Pablo Iglesias.

An image of Pablo Iglesias.

Podemos has opened this Thursday the primaries to make the candidacy for the May 4 elections in the Community of Madrid, to which the leader of the purple formation and second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, will present himself to lead it.

As reported by the party, the process will last until March 28 and will define both the head of the formation list, with Iglesias as a clear favorite, as well as the rest of the members of the list.

The calendar rules that from this Thursday until the 21st they will be able to pre-register individual applications to be part of the electoral list. Then, from March 22 to 23, the deadline to request and grant “personal and collegiate” guarantees opens.

On March 23rd, the lists will be registered and the following day, the 24th, the candidatures will be published., also opening the campaign period for applicants to present their project. On the 26th and 27th the electronic voting will take place and on the 28th of this month the results will be published.

The purple formation has already promoted the process to define the candidacy after the announcement of Iglesias to lead the list, with strong support from the entire organization. The regional coordinator of Podemos Community of Madrid, Jesús Santos, has already sent a message to the militancy praising the step taken by the vice president and advancing that he would support him in the primaries.

Therefore, This process will serve to define the members of Podemos who will accompany Iglesias, although the final preparation of the confluence candidacy of United We can also must be negotiated with IU.

The deadline is that the candidacies must be ready on March 31 and the electoral campaign begins on April 18. The forecast is that Iglesias will leave his position as vice president and the seat in Congress before the campaign begins.

Bid to win

After a deep reflection within the United We Can, Iglesias advanced in a surprising way that he presented himself as the head of the list to the Community of Madrid to show the determined commitment to reverse the trend that a possible regional Executive between PP and Vox was throwing.

Various names were analyzed for fight in Madrid (like the leader Rafa Mayoral or the ministers Alberto Garzón or Irene Montero), but finally the responsibility was assumed by Iglesias, since the formation collectively understood that a strong movement was required to unseat the acting regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

In Podemos they trust the mobilization of the left-wing electorate with the concurrence of their greatest political asset and they appreciate that this effect is beginning to be noticed in the polls, which before the passage of Iglesias were not positive for this political space.

Specifically, They emphasize that the candidacy of United We Can comes out to win Madrid and that there is an opportunity to end the current regional Executive of the PP.

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