Tuesday, November 30

We can study partial amendments to the PGE in an environment of strong discomfort of the members of the PSOE




The Government has saved the main obstacle to be able to approve the General State Budgets of 2022. By ensuring that ERC, PNV and Bildu do not present amendments to the entirety, which guarantees that the accounts will not be returned next week, it will be opened later the process of submission of partial amendments, both to the articles and to the sections. The three main allies of the majority of the Government are going to fight in that negotiation to achieve their claims and give the go-ahead to the accounts.

And that includes the parliamentary group United We Can. Last year the main partner of the PSOE already presented some partial amendments despite having agreed with the socialist party

of the Government the Budget project. Parliamentary sources transmit that these partial amendments “were planned, drawn up and raised”, although the PSOE has tried and will continue trying to prevent its partner from hanging on with partial amendments. And from the purple flank they are sensitive to those demands and convey that It is not yet decided that they will raise them. But the possibility is on the table.

And it is that in the whole conglomerate that supports the Government there is a deep malaise with the socialist wing because of the way it has been interacting with them. The negotiation of public accounts has returned the relationship to a previous scenario.or. Because with the change of government, many of these small parties moved to have improved their dialogue with La Moncloa. Different parliamentary sources do convey that Félix Bolaños, as Minister of the Presidency, “has more capacity for dialogue than Carmen Calvo.” But at the same time they confirm that in the matter of Budgets there has been a change for the worse. “A change for the worse has been detected”they say. “The PSOE has come to a time when it seemed that it was seeking to lose the budget,” they transfer from a party that has negotiated in recent days with the Socialists. They denounce the difficulty in being able to hold physical meetings with the Government. Some have complained about how complex it has been to have these meetings and that many issues had to be resolved in telephone conversations or messages. Although government sources do report that there have been several encounters. And in fact, to close the deal at the last minute, some were made.

From the United We Can space it is reported that in the real negotiation, the PSOE left more space to negotiate more last year. Last year the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, held several meetings in which the head of the Podemos Economy, Nacho Álvarez, also participated. But they denounce that this year that coordination protocol has not worked the same. «The PSOE does not take good care of the block that made Pedro Sánchez president. They do not assume that they do not have a majority in parliament, “they say from a group that supports the Government. “They have to work on generating empathy, because things have gotten worse”, rematan.

In this sense, it is pointed out that Iván Redondo de La Moncloa’s departure may be having something to do with it. In a political space with a regular relationship with La Moncloa, they say they see the Socialists with “more brusque” approaches. They point out that Redondo was an eminently strategic figure and not partisan or ideological and that this led him to more flexible approaches At different times.

There are several sources that interact with the socialist wing of the Government and that point in that direction. And they believe that with the entry of Óscar López and Antonio Hernando to the La Moncloa command center, the PSOE has once again behaved with dynamics close to when they governed in figures close to the absolute majority and not the dynamics typical of such a fragmented scenario like before.

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