Thursday, June 17

“We cannot speak of a summer of recovery and maintain a state of alarm”

Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The President of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, sees conditions to “speak with hope” of overcoming the pandemic, although he has warned that “contradictory” messages cannot be launched because if you talk about an economic and social recovery in summer, you cannot maintain alarm status.

To questions from journalists after presiding together with Minister José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes the constitution of the García-Berlanga Year commission, Puig has stressed that the Valencian Community “has the necessary legal instruments to do a prudent de-escalation“and he recalled that his previous decisions” were endorsed by the Superior Court of Justice. ”

The head of the Consell recalled that the current situation “is not at all like that of last autumn and winter and has valued that the Community will spend its seventh week at low risk of accumulated incidence, which, in his opinion, “It means that we can see the future with hope.”

“As of May 9 -end of the state of alarm-, the autonomous communities have sufficient instruments to try to continue stopping the pandemic crisis,” he pointed out and valued that a Conference of Presidents is held in a few weeks that has been evidenced as “a space of co-governance that has worked well.”

For Puig, having prevention measures, along with vaccination and advances in medicines so that the disease is not fatal, allows him to be “in a position to speak with hope of overcoming the pandemic.”

“But we cannot send contradictory messages either; if we are talking about a summer with the possibility of economic and social recovery, we cannot at the same time maintain the state of alarm indefinitely,” he indicated.

Vaccination with AztraZeneca

Asked about the AstraZeneca vaccine and the possibility of having to give a second dose to those under 60 years of age, he indicated that They will “always” support “what the scientific authorities determine.”

“This is not a political opinion but a scientific one. The EMA has said that it is reasonable for a second dose to be produced but it is also true that the public health directorates are currently meeting and we are attentive to the decision that is taken and we will act consequently to give greater security to citizens “, he added.

On the statements of regional presidents such as those of the Basque Country and Galicia who have asked that the alarm state is prolonged and warned that it cannot be stopped from one hundred to zero, Puig has recognized that the epidemiological situation is different in each community but “the concern is common because we know that the virus is there.”

“Now we are in a situation on the offensive; before we were on the defensive but now we have already gone on the attack because every day that passes there are more people vaccinated and we are already overcoming the pandemic,” he pointed out and had an impact on that “it will not go from one hundred to zero; we have instruments so that it is not like that. ”

“Nobody wants the restrictions to be permanent. We have to go to the logical balance, knowing that the recovery from the pandemic is first for economic recovery,” concluded Puig.

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