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We have all suffered the fate of Khloé Kardashian, even if we are not so famous | Celebrity

IIt has been quite a fortnight for him Streisand effect, the cultural phenomenon of drawing much more attention to a photograph by trying to suppress it than if it had been allowed to exist without comment. The name of the singer, who sued a photographer for $ 10 million in 2003 for posting photos of her home online, which few knew was Streisand’s home until she sued, has really made sense in the age of social media, particularly if you’re part of one of the most selected, carefully lit families in the world of celebrities.

There was a recent precedent for the current drama. In a podcast, ex The oc Star Rachel Bilson talked about the moment when posted a photo to Instagram of her with a former classmate, actor Rami Malek, during her school days. She admitted it was “dumb”. He sent her a message and unceremoniously asked her to remove him as he is “a private person”; Bilson said she was “a little upset about how it was handled.” An image that could have gone unnoticed has now circulated, especially since Bilson shared the anecdote. Maybe it’s a Streisand-by-proxy.

The Malek / Bilson saga was only the opening act for the dissemination of a photograph of Khloe kardashian last week, apparently without makeup, by a pool, unfiltered. Kardashian quickly tried to remove it from the internet, which, as the internet has a tendency to behave like a little kid who finds it funny to copy everything you say, caused it to get published everywhere. It was a photographic coup and the mole seemed to be winning.

People wrote that she looked beautiful, even “better”, without filters and without light, thus becoming involved in the scrutiny circus that led to Kardashian. posting your reasons for trying to eliminate it: “The pressure, constant ridicule, and judgment throughout my life to be perfect and meet other people’s standards of how I should look.” Some might argue that the beast the Kardashians raised and sold is coming back to bite them, others that she is brave to open up about her body image issues. The saga is sad, a warning about image and control.

Kardashian made it seem like her situation was difficult to identify for someone who wasn’t being scrutinized by millions of people. Clearly, she hasn’t been on the receiving end of my mother’s general approach to posting family photos on Facebook, including every blink, triple chin, and gaping mouth, as if she’d put a filter only on the word “flattering.”

JonOne – Enough to cause artistic failure

American graffiti artist JonOne
American Graffiti Artist JonOne – Could You Do It Better Than Him? Photograph: Patrícia de Melo Moreira / AFP / Getty Images

Anyone who has heard that familiar “I could do that” growl thrown in the direction of modern or abstract art will enjoy the story of what happened in Seoul recently, when a poor couple went to see an artwork by American artist JonOne. . .

The untitled painting, estimated to be worth up to $ 500,000, is a huge graffiti created by JonOne in front of an audience in South Korea in 2016. The paint cans and brushes from the performance are considered part of the piece and, therefore, they are considered together with it, at the bottom, on the ground.

You may be able to guess what happened next. The unfortunate couple confused painting with “participatory art”, according to exhibit manager Kang Wook, and were captured on CCTV adding their own special touches, in the form of three black spots. They later explained that they had made a genuine mistake, but that they may still be at least partially responsible for the restoration fees. In its unrestored form, it has been a magnet for visitors, who are taking selfies in front of it. Could you do that? They could and they did.

Robert Mapplethorpe: his whole life is here, thanks to a crafty clipping

Robert Mapplethorpe
Robert Mapplethorpe: This is your life … again. Photograph: Richard Young / REX / Shutterstock

When Mapplethorpe, the biopic of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, came out in 2018, it passed me by. Directed by Ondi Timoner and starring a preCrown, post-Doctor Matt Smith, the reviews weren’t very good and still hovering around 33% splatter on Rotten Tomatoes. But now it’s been reissued with a new director’s cut. “This is my original and complete version,” explained Timoner.

There is an increasing movement of repetitions. Since 2017, fans had been asking for original director Zack Snyder’s cut from League of Justice will be released, instead of the Joss Whedon version that appeared in theaters, which even screenwriter Chris Terrio called out last week. “an act of vandalism”. The #SnyderCut was released in color and then largely black and white as well and restored the film’s reputation. I wonder if that’s what game of Thrones He was targeting a new trailer for his much-maligned final season, released to mark the “Iron Anniversary” of the show’s debut 10 years ago.

Unsurprisingly, pop director Taylor Swift is proving to be the master of redoing, slowly re-recording and releasing new versions of her older albums, in order to regain control over the songs that had been sold on her masters. originals. Fearless (Taylor’s version) came out last week. It’s not exactly a reinvention, but a smart business move, but the idea that nothing is fixed or finished anymore is intriguing – imagine a new reworked job. game of Thrones final. A version of Taylor, so to speak.

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