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“We have danced even in the savannah, but never with a mask”




The ten dancers and acrobats that make up Estudio Festi, the Italian company that will fly over the sky of Conde Duque to receive the Three Wis Seeen in Madrid, have performed risky numbers in unimaginable parts of the .anet such as the jungle or the desert, but they had never been faced with a performance with a mask. «We have been doing aerial dance numbers for 20 years. We are used to doing it with rain, snow, in the kenyan savanna, of the Winter Olympics in Turin… But our greatest enemy is the wind and the Covid because dancing with a mask is very com.icated,” ex.ainsins Daniele Cappelletti, the technical director of what is the most recognized vertical dance group in Europe.

The dancers arrived in Madrid on January 2 and since then they have performed three rehearsals a day to adapt their show to the space and practice with the costumes. «Technical tests are extremely important to guarantee safety. Just by looking at the backst The you can see the difficulty of the number and the importance of the technicians to get it right “, indicates Gabriele DOntoOsto, member of the company’s technical staff. They will be the angels that will fly over th Seeadrid cultural center minutes before the magician Jorge Blass make appear to Ara Malikian and the Three Wis Seeen on st The.

The Culture delegate, Andrea Levy, reviews the last details of the parade on the Conde Duque st The
The Culture delegate, Andrea Levy, reviews the last details of the parade on the Conde Duque st The – ISABEL PERMUY

But long before the protagonists of the Gala arrived at Conde Duque, the scenography team had already begun an arduous task, that of making thrones and sets that could be adapted to any circumstance. The challenge was enormous. “Due to this strange year of the Covid, we did not know until recently what the format of this parade would be like. We have been working with a design system based on origami and pop up, that was a design that could be transported to homes and that could be manipulated. The design had to be prepared for it to be on floats, on streets, a set or a theater or a system that could be interactive from home “, the assistant in the set design, Javier Méndez, ex.ains to this newspaper.

Once it was known that the gala would be held in the courtyard of Conde Duque, the team of set designers was working on several possibilities: since the current television format could be visited for a week, so they had to reduce the scale they had .anned . As if it were a children’s story that unfolds in three dimensions, the st The is formed by several .anes with which a depth is achieved and make up a gigantic and beautiful ephemeral palace prepared for the reception of th Seeagi. “We have a system of doors that reveal the surprises that will be discovered during the gala through light and transparencies,” Méndez slides.

It is made with .ywood frames that are adorned with textiles such as tulle, which allow the .ay of light and shadow and transparency; and with velvet, with which they cover the elements that do not want to be revealed until the end. «Apart from the exterior lighting, the façade has a design of Built-in micro bulbs to simulate a starry sky in which the Kings will say goodbye ”, indicates Méndez, who points out that the float in which their Majesties will arrive will also pretend to be the beam of a star. A total of 30 peo.e will be tonight, starting at 8.30 pm, pulling all the strings so that the reception of th Seeagi is unique.

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