Sunday, December 10

“We have more to lose than them, due to the need for points”

Gaspar, in action at the Romano. / JM ROMERO

José Manuel Gaspar, Playmaker of Mérida

The man from Cáceres, who will step on his Prince Felipe as a visitor for the first time, believes that his team is playing much more


We have passed the halfway point of the week and José Manuel Gaspar (Cáceres, 1987) still does not know if his parents or friends will go to Prince Felipe on Sunday. «It is that my parents usually do little things on weekends. But I imagine that some friend or my uncles and cousins ​​will go. He arrived in infantile and, until second year juveniles, he wore the verdiblanca. And then two years in Second B. Tomorrow will be the first time that the midfielder from Cáceres plays an official away game at his stadium.

– Can you imagine what you will feel?

-It is the team of my city, the one of all life, and I have affection for it. I can’t say no: I’ve lived many moments there and it will be very special. But I owe it to Mérida, which is also a special team for me. And on top of that we have the need to win because everything is tightening.

-This Cacereño has changed a lot…

-It has always been a contrasted club in Segunda B, but the Cacereño where I was did not have the stability that this one has now. He was more humble. But they were two very good years in which I had a great time.

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-In his first year he already coincided with the coach Cobos.

-I know him well. It doesn’t surprise me how he has the team knowing what he demands of you training and playing. I know they are going to demand a lot from us on Sunday.

-Does the sports or the institutional plot surprise you more?

-I’ve been to Prince Felipe a couple of times this season and I was pleasantly surprised. We were a bit bored of the siren calls of some investors. And with Ordóñez, little by little, and without selling much smoke, steps are being taken in the right direction so that the club has more stability and the name of Cacereño is respected. And they are achieving it at a sporting and institutional level. They are in a very good position to fight for promotion.

“Would you like to retire there?”

-To tell you the truth, I don’t even think about it. I don’t know if the paths will cross one day. But I wouldn’t lie to you: it was the club of my childhood and of my city, so I would love it. Before coming to Mérida I valued him, but he was in the Third Division and, even at his good age, maybe it was a step too far behind. But it would be nice to play one more year at home.

Who has the most to lose on Sunday?

–Perhaps we, because of the need for points. They take us five and, if they lose, even if we put real pressure on them, it would not be definitive for them. But if we lose, the teams behind us would put a lot of pressure on us. If we win, with all the direct confrontations that remain, we could fight for second place. I do not rule. Although it will be difficult because Cacereño has been very serious all season.

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-The injuries have deprived him of continuity this course.

-I’m not feeling well. The soreness in my soleus from earlier in the season has been bothering me ever since. Little by little I am feeling better, but I have not been one hundred percent. I’m already getting better feelings and I hope in this final stretch to be at my level and help the team.

–Do you already know if you are going to play on Sunday?

–Juanma usually gives few clues during the week to keep us all involved. We won’t know until just before the game. Up lately it is changing and with the losses in defense it will disrupt some position. But I do not know. Let the team win and that’s it.

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