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«We have not forgotten what happened in the first leg and that is going to be a plus»

Ariadna Rovirola, in the match against Alhama. / Casimir Moreno

Iberdrola Challenge

A pubalgia has weighed her down this course, but she arrives wanting revenge after the painful 3-2 in the first round

Manuel Garcia

A key piece in the axis of defense, a pillar of the dressing room as captain and one of the authorized voices, Ariadna Rovirola is a veteran at Civitas Santa Teresa despite her 23 years. A pubalgia has weighed her down in her fifth season, but she won’t miss an entire Extremaduran football classic (Saturday, San Roque field, 5:00 p.m.) that she eagerly awaits. “I love these games.” The last two precedents, in the Iberdrola Challenge and the Federation Cup, ended with the same result, 3-2 for the green team. And there is a desire for revenge. “We have not forgotten,” she stresses.

-Is the derby coming to you at the best time?

–It is a sweet moment, with confidence and at home we are undefeated, maybe we do not have all the tools, but we do have many to stand up to a great Cacereño. Good football is going to be seen.

-The stake is perhaps more equal than ever.

-In these games, whether you are second or tenth, it is always even, because of the desire, but this year they are having a super season and it is even. It’s going to be a very difficult game, to hit the wall and the one who makes the fewest mistakes will win.

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–Has regional rivalry increased after recent precedents?

– They live differently. Before it was not so noticeable because they did not finish curdling, but in recent years that spirit and claw to win the Extremaduran derby is brutal. I personally love these games.

-There will be a desire to remove the thorn from the first leg and the Federation Cup.

-The thorn is more from the first round, because we had the game controlled and two errors in the discount took their toll on us. This week there are comments in the locker room about what happened, we haven’t forgotten and that will be the plus to think that we have to win.

-It was hard for Santa to take the pulse of the league, but he’s already in the fight.

-We are a new team, with people from many different international backgrounds and it is always difficult, but after Christmas we have made more connections, we know each other better and the results are coming in.

–Is Santa in time to fight for promotion?

-Yes, I think it is very disputed and we can get hooked. Those at the top are also leaving points and we have to take advantage of our good moment.

-What was missing in the first lap to be on top?

-We were not a team at all and in this category any mistake hurts you a lot, it has cost us for that.

-The victory at the end of the year against Albacete served as a spur.

– It was a turning point. We were a team and we saw that following that direction was the way. Since then we haven’t lost any more. We became strong.

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-You have spent weeks complicated by pubalgia, at what point are you now?

– I’m wearing it right now. It’s been a bit of a difficult season. I’ve never had it, but it’s painful and long. Besides, it seems like one day you’re fine and the next you’re lousy. I had a few weeks where I couldn’t stretch out or sit down, it’s horrible, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But I am so much better.

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