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We have tested it: this 1TB SSD costs less than 100 euros and can make you forget your old hard drive once and for all

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One of the best value for money SSDs on the market is on sale, a good deal if you’re still tied to a hard drive in your PC.

Little by little it has become more common for computers to come with a solid state drive or SSD, as they are commonly known. However, many models use dual storage and also come with a complementary 1TB hard drive, which is considerably slower but useful for saving files.

Having said that, accustomed to the speed of SSDs, old hard drives taste little, so you may be thinking of taking yours out and using a new SSD like extra file storage, something you can now do for a lot less money thanks to an Amazon deal.

This store has reduced the Samsung 870 QVO from 1 TB to only 94.99 euros. It is a unit from a fairly important brand in the sector, Samsung, not from any unknown Chinese manufacturer. In addition, we have been able to test this same model with excellent results.

It is a Samsung SSD, belonging to the QVO family of the 870 generation. It has a SATA 6 Gbps interface and reaches a sequential reading of up to 560 MB/s.

The speed is very good, about Approximately 150 MB per second read and writewell above what any HDD can give to use, although yes, below a tivo M.2 PCIe SSD.

For its price, it is difficult to find another SSD that gives more capacity, especially if we limit ourselves to well-known and reliable brands, something that is quite important when buying storage units, since after all It is where you are going to store your data and better if you avoid accidents and risks.

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The Samsung 870 QVO is a fairly complete, stable and fast SSD in general terms, although perhaps not enough to use it as the main unit for the operating system, in which case it is better to bet on an NVMe format.

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If you have any doubts about what is key to buying an SSD, here we solve all the questions that may arise about these drives, which have come to stay with us.

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