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«We journalists are necessary so that they do not sell you the motorcycle»

The Mediaset presenter, Diego Losada, on the set of ‘On everyone’s lips’. / rc

Diego Losada, newscaster

The communicator makes his debut in Cuatro with ‘En boca de todos’, a current affairs program that focuses on the voices of experts

At the head of TVE’s weekend ‘Telediario’ until a few weeks ago, the journalist Diego Losada (A Coruña, 36 years old) now joins the list of Mediaset communicators to present ‘On everyone’s lips’. This new daily program from Cuatro, whose premiere is today at 2:00 p.m., bets on the context and the experts so that the audience understands how news events affect routine. In this way, the channel recovers the news in the after-dinner slot three years after the cancellation of ‘Las Mañanas de Cuatro’ and its news.

–What seduced you from the Mediaset project?

-I was seduced by continuing to learn to make television from other schools and a great interest, on the part of Mediaset, to get involved in their ranks and create new projects. In the end, I liked being able to embark on all the good things about this house.

–Did you think a lot about accepting the proposal and leaving TVE?

-Of course I thought about it and that everyone can understand. I belonged to public television from a very young age. There I trained and developed my career, although I also did some outings on Telemadrid for a year. I think it’s time, because of my age and the energy I may have now, to continue learning. Who knows what the future will hold.

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How have you been received in your new home?

-I was surprised by the good reception and the kindness of all the colleagues of Mediaset. It is being a luxury and some very nice days. They are supporting us a lot from within and I also perceive it from the outside. The team is very united and there are very talented people who believe in the project. I have to say that for me it is a luxury to be able to be in contact with other journalists from Mediaset, where there are very good ones.

–What is ‘On everyone’s lips’?

-It is true that at 2:00 p.m. everything happens today but it seems that, due to the news we have been experiencing in recent years, the headlines are blowing us away. And there is not a moment in which we can stop to reflect, to ask ourselves questions and to contextualize. ‘On everyone’s lips’ is not going to let that informative intensity pass us by. We are not going to be spitting headlines or last hours all the time. We are going to have to pause as well and not lose sight of the work of the experts.

– Is disinformation the main challenge that journalism must address?

I think journalism is already addressing disinformation with urgency. It is the great battle. And in turn it is the reason for being of the journalist. People should be aware that this misinformation exists, because it is a hoax and a trick that has always existed. We journalists are necessary so that they do not sell you the motorcycle. And it is combated by contextualizing, listening to all the versions but staying with the real one and contrasting it with testimonies that are ‘in situ’.

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-I suppose that in Cuatro it will have a different tone from that of TVE.

–It is a matter of thinking heads, of people and teams, and of other ways of understanding television and of addressing a specific audience. The tone is one of the parts and tools that communicators have, but there are certain bases that I will not change. I will never give up rigor or truth or commitment to the public. I am clear that in Mediaset neither. In the project that we are launching today, ‘En boca de todos’, people will recognize the journalist Diego Losada, but they will see new records that I wanted to investigate.

–Debuts in a difficult slot for Cuatro, where audiences are not very high. Do you notice the pressure of ‘share’?

-The pressure I feel right now is to be able to put on a quality program, to be able to adapt well to the team and contribute my professional background with my experience. In short, make a format that is useful for citizens. The fringe is complicated and it is a challenge. But in my head I only have that the project goes well and that people identify it as something useful for their lives.

–You arrive at Mediaset with a long-term contract. Would you dare to take the step into entertainment?

I always say that I am a journalist. I think you have to assume what you know how to do and what you could do. I compare it to surfing. You are on a board, a small wave comes and then a bigger one, and you have to know how to surf it. For now, ‘On everyone’s lips’ is what I have in hand and we’ll see the future. I don’t rule out anything.

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–What balance do you make of your last stage on TVE at the head of the ‘Weekend Newscast’?

-I am left with having achieved one of the dreams with which I entered TVE more than twelve years ago, which has been to be able to present a newscast. I entered as an editor and I take all the learning with the magnificent team of professionals that is still in that house. It was not an easy decision to leave, but I will always remember with a big smile and I remember the colleagues that I still have there.

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