Wednesday, August 4

We review all the news of ‘Dynasty’, the new season of ‘Conqueror’s Blade’

An image of 'Dynasty', from 'Conqueror's Blade'.

An image of ‘Dynasty’, from ‘Conqueror’s Blade’.

Available for free from 2019 on Steam for PC, ‘Conqueror’s Blade‘is one of the star games from MY.GAMES and its developer Booming Tech. The title mixes strategy with real-time battles and maintains an unstoppable pace in terms of news and number of players. Today opens its season VIII: ‘Dynasty‘, featuring a set of content as the entry point for a “new golden age” of warfare that draws inspiration from ancient Chinese history and brings a new play area, unreleased units, and The Pike, a new class of playable weapon. . But, what does it contribute to hook new conquerors and keep those who already defend their territories faithful?

The season features an anthology of stories through a new campaign inspired by the true story of the Tang Dynasty., highlighting the moments that gave rise to the influential Qian dynasty. In reality, players will discover these legends as they cross Longting, a region that comes under the direct influence of the ancient kingdoms of East Asia, and its capital, the metropolis of Hao Jing, a huge city where players can gather and forget. the squabbles of the battlefield

Despite being a free online game, if there is something that characterizes ‘Conqueror’s Blade’ it is its ambition. We can even imagine ourselves in the role of Geralt of Rivia, in the well-known The Witcher saga. We talk to other characters who give us missions, we take direct control of the action, we fight, we jump, we operate siege machines, and so on.

This remains in Season VIII, with our own warlord and new outfit options and special moves. The arsenal of the game has been updated and, in this sense, the list of available weapon classes expands to a dozen tools, with the introduction of the aforementioned Pica. This species of long spear is capable of executing ranged attacks and keeping enemies out of melee range, while its combos end in a forceful attack. In the same way, three new units may be directed that arrive with this season, inspired by the heroes of Longting’s history: the Martial Monks, peaceful protectors who shun the conflict, but do not hesitate to face it when they determine that it is the last solution -3 stars-; the Veterans Garrison -4 stars-; and, finally, the Modao Battalion, an elite army perfect to deploy as a first option of attack – 4 stars -. The unit tree will also offer new warriors: the Shenji grenadiers, arriving as an unlockable unit -5 stars-.

The Linwu Fortress map, released throughout the season, displays in detail a legendary fortress whose defense spanned once for 40 years in a row. In this new siege area, the format challenges two teams of 10 players to fight to take over the stage, which has many ballots to witness war epics.

Definitely, The season premieres a lot of free content and the option to upgrade faster with the Battle Pass. The rune system that arrived in the previous season remains, with increasingly mature progress management and very satisfying upgrades. As usual, the battles are spectacular. We only have the same complaint from previous seasons, the number of hours we can dedicate falls short when ambition can.

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