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We tested the new 300 hp Cupra León: double personality

We tested the new 300 hp Cupra León: double personality

We tested the new 300 hp Cupra León: double personality

The new Cupra León 2.0 TSI DSG-7Cupra Leon 300 hp and his brother Sportstourer 2.0 TSI DSG-7 with 310 hp they are cars with two very different personalities. A statement that could be a bad thing, but it really is the opposite. Two soul mates but very different, for a type of driver looking for a vehicle for day to day in the big city; but without giving up the maximum expression of sportsmanship. It is possibly the best summary we can make of the test we have carried out with one of the vehicles that has managed to carve out a niche in the Olympus of performance vehicles.

Neomotor was one of the few national media that has had the opportunity to thoroughly test the new 300 hp Cupra Leon. An intense day where we test the vehicle in the heart of Madrid, on motorways, to finish in the northern mountains of the Community of Madrid in sections as demanding as those of The Hiruela O The Berrueco. Roads where we could fully enjoy everything this car offers us.

The day began at the headquarters of Cupra Cuprain Madrid, in the central Paseo de la Castellana. The new Cupra León presents two bodies, a five-door with the engine that develops 300 hp and a Sportstourer with two powers, 300 and 310 hp. All test units were “Graphene Gray” color, this time testing the five-door version with the 2.0 TSI 300 hp engine and seven-speed DSG automatic transmission. The vehicle was equipped with Bridgestone Potenza Race tires, with 19-inch Performance Sport Black & Copper wheels, along with a Brembo brake system with ventilated and perforated 370×30 mm discs and four-piston calipers on the front axle, and ventilated from 310×22 in the rear.

I wanted to try it in a twisty area, but the first thing was to discover what the vehicle offered us in an urban environment. Thus, the first thing we did, after starting the car, was to select the normal driving mode, come on, the one that we will use in the day-to-day life of the big city. The bucket seats, along with the sports steering wheel, make driving the vehicle very comfortable in a fast-paced city environment. The 10-inch infotainment screen allows us to have a whole range of possibilities that make urban traffic much less stressful. We were surprised by how easy the vehicle is to drive, its great breadth for both front and rear passengers, as well as their generous trunk.

The best news of the walk we took through the center of Madrid was that, despite being a vehicle with three hundred horsepower, and a weight of 1,490 kilograms, the consumptions obtained were similar to those of one of the many vehicles that spend their days on urban asphalt. It is true that it was not an extremely long urban cycle test, but obtaining a consumption of 7.2 liters at one hundred kilometers per hour, makes us think that it is a car that in the city, and respecting the traffic limits, can be a great option when balancing one of the “cons” that could be the consumption, both in favor.

We change route and head towards the A1 to line up the northern mountains of Madrid. We kept the same driving mode to slow down our desire to put those horses waiting under the hood to the test. Obviously the speed was higher than in the city, and we could already realize that the new Cupra León is a vehicle that responds from the first moment. The 400 Nm torque allows us to obtain a response from the engine from very low, so that when we needed power to overtake, we had no problem getting it, and if we wanted more, we could play with the paddles behind the wheel to lower a gear. and get more power out of it.

When we got to the Sierra Norte de Madrid we changed the driving mode, leaving comfort behind, to test the Sport way and the Cupra way. It was the moment in which we forget the day to day in the city, bringing to light the other “me” that all drivers carry. Obviously it was not the time to be aware of the consumption of the vehicle, so we decided to change that information for another that helped us more at that time.

If we had loved the way the vehicle went both in the city and on the highway, on twisty sections, The new Cupra León confirmed that we are facing an out of series. The first two changes already warn us that we are going to enter another world. First, engine sound changes dramatically, the feeling of sportiness is maximum, and is accompanied by an increase in revolutions, which increases the expectation of what lies ahead.

It is important to choose a good road if we want to choose the Cupra way when driving, since other changes that it affects refer to the suspension, and if the road is badly broken we can end up with a shattered back. All the driving aids that the new Cupra León incorporates lead to trusting the car to the maximum. The grip when entering a corner is sensational, and the DSG shift It helps electronics to be precisely coordinated and responsive without the slightest bit of fright. It is a faithful response, which leads you to ask the most of the car to enjoy one of the vehicles that has the most history in the world of sports cars.

The new Cupra León 300 CV is a more than interesting option when we look in the market a sports vehicle with which we can, at the same time, face the day to day in the city. Another positive factor in its favor is the price, since for less than thirty-nine thousand euros, we have a vehicle that will surprise us for everything.

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