Tuesday, October 26

“We will reinforce the cleaning and selective collection of waste during Christmas”

During these Christmas holidays, it is even more important to manage waste properly, apart from recycling correctly. Likewise, it is also advised respect the timetables as well as respecting the days when there is no garbage service.

The Councilor for Cleaning Elche City Council, Héctor Díez, has emphasized the importance of citizen collaboration and stressed that it is essential to make responsible use of containers. Along these lines, the councilor has also highlighted that the citizens of Elche are very demanding with the cleanliness of your municipality and collaborates in it throughout the year.

How has waste collection been organized in the city of Elche on these Christmas dates?

In recent days, we have directed the organizational efforts of the cleaning in order to prepare the service for these dates. It is, in this period of the year, when it becomes more necessary to establish a special device that reinforce waste collection which, in all probability, will increase due to Christmas shopping and family gatherings, despite the restrictions.

We are going to increase garbage collection services, also from the pickup selective containers and cardboard and, in addition, recycling teams will be established to prevent the accumulation of dirt around the containers. On the other hand, we will make a special effort in increase cleanliness and the flushing of commercial hubs both in neighborhoods and districts.

“It is essential to have different bins to separate organic waste”

On December 24 and 31 there is no garbage collection, what advice do you advise citizens during these holidays to keep a clean city?

Of course, collaboration. We are going to launch a device made up of women and men who will be working hard so that Elche shows its best image on such special dates. For this reason, I believe that all citizens must collaborate respecting the days that there is no collection and ensuring that the rest of the days a responsible use of containers… A gesture as simple as properly folding the packaging of a gift and inserting it in the container will make the image of our city appropriate.

At this time of year it is very common for more garbage to be generated in homes, what do you recommend so that good waste management is carried out at home?

It is essential to have differentiated cubes to separate organic waste from paper and cardboard, as well as from plastic or packaging. Also, of course, respect the days that there is no service by not lowering the garbage and the days that there is, complying with the schedule starting at nine at night in a generalized way.

The waste that is generated on these dates is of all kinds, but could you give us an approximate information on the amount of kilos of waste that can be collected?

Last year they were collected 555 tons of waste on December 24, 25 and 26. Perhaps this year, one might think that this figure will decrease due to the restrictions derived from the pandemic, but it is also true that we have detected a significant increase in the collection of the paper / cardboard fraction, probably because the public is making more purchases online.

The councilor has highlighted that the citizens of Elche are very demanding with the cleanliness of their municipality.

As I understand it, 2021 will be a year in which a strong investment will be made in cleaning services, in what aspects?

During the first half of the year we will start up the new cleaning and collection service which, among other issues, will involve the comprehensive renovation of the machinerya, the increase in sweep frequencies in neighborhoods and districts or the implementation of selective collection of the organic fraction through the progressive implementation of the fifth container or brown container.

You, as Councilor for Cleaning, have been coordinating for two years and from the political side, the new contract for the cleaning service, the most important contract of the city council, and which has recently been awarded in Elche. As they have stated, their objective is to return Elche to the top of the ranking of the cleanest cities in Spain, how are they going to achieve this?

In the first place, reinforcing street cleaning in neighborhoods and districts seven days a week with a important support of mechanical means. In addition, we will substantially improve the percentages of selective waste collection by installing more containers, placing clean proximity points and community composting points, something highly sought after especially in the districts.

“Citizens must collaborate respecting the days that there is no collection”

But above all by implementing those aspects of the contract that guarantee the sustainability environmental with ECO machinery or the involvement of citizens with an important awareness and sensitization plan. Ilicitanos and Ilicitanas are a key piece in this objective.

Are the people of El Salvador responsible for the management of waste?

In general, the answer is yes. The citizens of Elche are very demanding with the cleaning of their municipality and collaborate in it. And that, for us, is essential to make Elche a green and clean city.


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