Saturday, January 28

We will talk about the Diaz in May

Changing continents, Díaz against Díaz is the duel of dreams right now in Spain. The confrontation with La Moncloa at stake of Yolanda Díaz and Díaz Ayuso would fulfill the expectations of all the television networks, including Tele 5. The speech would be measured against the tweet, it takes an overdose of naivety to presume that none of them contemplates their own candidacy or that of his rival. In these fast-paced times, they are only weighed down by the Hillary-Condi fiasco, the fight comes too soon.

By persevering in the vice of being guided by France, those who still minimize the aspirations of the Diaz as unviable are too similar to the experts who laughed at the candidacy of the polemicist Éric Zemmour to the Elysee in 2022. Well, in a couple of months and with only one book of baggage, he has exceeded the percentages of all rights and looks at Macron’s numbers.

“Will we talk about Zemmour in March?” Asks France despite the dizzying ascent. The colossi of today are the aguachirle of tomorrow, skepticism can be transmitted to the maintenance of the cruising speed of Díaz and Díaz. In a society that has inaugurated the nostalgia of the present, the stellar validity of both rulers is an enigma. Harassment and takedown help keep them on top, but it would be irresponsible to ignore them.

A headline between questions offends the reader. It is enough to remove the signs so that the “Will we talk about the Diaz in May?” stay at “We will talk about the Diaz in May,” with the added value that only then can it be determined whether the vice president of the Government and the president of Madrid have succumbed to their own push. The mystery about survival does not cancel the current power of the duo. It would be unwise for the adversaries they accumulate on their respective sides to insist on considering them “the flavor of the month.” The “flavor of the month” has established itself.

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In particular, Yolanda Díaz shows a steely consistency, in the absence of determining if she shares the psychological fragility of Pablo Iglesias. As for Díaz Ayuso, he confirmed the alternative in Pablo Motos’s El hormiguero. Now, when locating the numerous tweets generated by their ferocity in the reply, the same centripetal phenomenon of Esperanza Aguirre is observed. Namely, the incidence is diluted proportionally to the distance from Madrid. It is the price of nationalism.

Both among the rebels of Valencia led by Yolanda Díaz and in the stronghold of the other Díaz, the antipolitical style of women addicted to politics is observed. In the absence of elucidating the survival of this trend, there is no risk that the Díaz will fall victim to the impostor syndrome, which in the United States has sunk Kamala Harris. This malaise afflicts competent people who continually doubt their abilities, and fear being exposed as a hoax. Regardless of the outcome, the recent history of Spain has not known two more self-confident people than the Díaz.

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