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“We will talk to everyone, welcome everyone”




The PSOE insists on going hand in hand and negotiating with eh Bildu Despite the fact that it does not need your votes to carry out the new General Budgets since a pact with this radical group can complicate the support of Citizens.

The socialist spokeswoman in the Congress and deputy secretary general of the party, Adriana Lastra, has insisted over and over again this Tuesday that “this party is going to negotiate with all the groups that have presented amendments and that want to support the General Budgets«.

For the socialist leader, “all the support that allows this country to advance is welcome” because the government’s top priority is that “they get broad support.”

According to Lastra there is no type of agreement with EH Bildu or any other group, hence his desire to negotiate to confirm his support. Now we start to negotiate. There is no agreement with any (formation) at the moment ”, he stressed. However, the coordinator of this radical group, Arnaldo Otegi, announced on November 11 his willingness to vote favorably on the new accounts after negotiating with the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias.

The leader of United We Can widely celebrated it on social networks. «The availability of the EH Bildu to vote yes to the PGE is good news. Demonstrates responsibility and commitment to advance leftist policies. The investiture bloc is reinforced and will be the legislature and the state leadership, “he said.

For his part, the president of the United We Can Group, Jaume Asens, has contradicted himself by praising the attitude of eh Bildu and defend a negotiation at the same time. “There is no agreement of any kind, what there is is a predisposition to reach an agreement and an act of political generosity by Bildu when there is no counterpart,” he stressed at a press conference.

Critical voices with the choice of Arnaldo Otegui as an ally continue to grow within PSOE, adding not only territorial barons but also historical leaders as the days go by. But far from listening to advice and warnings, Lastra I have come to silence all dissenters, regardless of their political relevance. «I listen carefully to our elders but now it’s our turn. We are a new generation that has to lead the country and the Socialist Party, “he replied harshly.

And all this in the same morning in which another allies that generates unease in the most constitutionalist socialists, ERC, has boasted in the same press room to put “political” amendments to the new Budgets.

«Fluid relationship» with CKD

The Republican Speaker, Gabriel Ruffian, has advanced the amendments of its entire group to five sections: the House of the King, Defense and Interior, as usual, but has also added its total rejection to the budget provided for the Constitutional Court and the Court of Accounts.

In addition, it has demanded the opening of a bilateral negotiation between the government and the Generalitat to deal with the negotiation of the partial amendments to the new accounts. A road to which Lastra has not caused problems. «The relationship is going to be fluid. We will sit down to negotiate parliamentary groups, political parties, and I imagine that the Government of Spain will be speaking, in this case the Minister María Jesús Montero, with the Government of Catalonia as well ”, he stressed.

Unidos Podemos has once again shown to what extent it shares strategic points with eh Bildu by submitting an amendment with this group and ERC to the Budgets of the Government in which it participates. The amendment seeks to prevent the evictions of people with vulnerability. EH Bildu spokeswoman, Mertxe Aizpurua, did not want to answer questions after this appearance.

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