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Weather in Extremadura: Falling temperatures in the region


In the rest of the country there will be communities that touch 40 degrees and locally strong storms are expected, which may be accompanied by intense gusts of wind and hail

Extremadura says goodbye to August with slightly cloudy or clear skies. There could only be some low clouds at dawn in mountainous areas. The temperatures will go down, although the maximum values ​​will continue to exceed 30 degrees Celsius. In Badajoz the thermometer will oscillate between 14 and 31 degrees; in Cáceres they will move between 15 and 31; in Mérida they will go from a minimum of 14 degrees at night to 32; and in Plasencia from 16 to 31.

For its part, the wind will blow weak west component.

In the rest of the country, this August 31 there will be heat and maximums of up to 36 or 37 degrees will be recorded, which will give way to locally strong storms and a drop in temperatures with the arrival of September, thermometers that will tend to rise at the end of month in almost the entire Peninsula, according to the prediction of the spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), Rubén del Campo.

Heavy storms

In this way, these last two days of August will still be hot, with temperatures that will touch 40 degrees in points of the peninsular Mediterranean communities, the Balearic Islands and the Pyrenees, according to the spokesman. Also, on Wednesday, August 31, locally strong storms are expected, which may be accompanied by intense gusts of wind and hail.

As for the beginning of September, Del Campo explains that, as of Thursday 1, there will be a progressive drop in temperatures in most of the country that will leave, for the weekend, a cooler environment “than normal », especially in the west of the peninsula. On the contrary, the hot weather will continue in the regions of the Levante peninsular, the Valencian Community, Murcia, eastern Andalusia and the Balearic Islands.

In addition, cloudy skies are expected in the northern third, with rains in the Bay of Biscay and possible intense storms in the northeast, especially in Aragon, Catalonia and the extreme north of the Valencian Community.

As for the Canary Islands, the month will begin with the influence of a wave from the tropical east, an atmospheric disturbance that could give rise to showers, especially in the western islands, without ruling out that the showers reach strong intensity, especially in the islands of La Palma and perhaps in Tenerife, Del Campo has specified.

With regard to the weekend and the beginning of next week, the situation of instability will continue and a deep Atlantic storm is expected to approach the Peninsula, which will give rise to abundant rainfall in Galicia that will spread, in a weaker way, to the neighboring Cantabrian regions and to the west of Castilla y León.

Likewise, this storm will give rise to intense gusts of wind in Galicia and in other areas of the northern third, especially in mountainous areas.

first ten days of september

As of next week, Del Campo states that “uncertainty increases”, since September is a “very changeable” month, which makes it difficult to predict the weather in the long term. Even so, he has indicated that the first ten days of the month will be “rainier” than normal, in general, in Galicia and in the west of Castilla y León.

On the contrary, in the central peninsular area, in the eastern half and in the Balearic Islands, rainfall will be lower than usual for this time of year.

As of September 10 or 11, the AEMET spokesman has predicted that it will most likely rain “less than normal”, a situation that will continue throughout the rest of the month in the southern half and, perhaps, in the western half of the Peninsula. As for the rest of the country, he has specified that there is “no clear trend.”

With regard to temperatures, September is expected, at least until the 10th, with a cooler environment in the west, center of the peninsula and the Canary Islands, except in the peninsular Mediterranean regions and the Balearic Islands, where temperatures will continue to be above normal and will last throughout the month in the Mediterranean area.

In the rest of the territory, thermometers are expected to rise at the end of September, so it is likely that the month will end with warmer temperatures than normal.

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